You tout yourselves as the grandfathers of Ghana’s politics.

You tout yourselves as the grandfathers of Ghana’s politics.

Your long years in this game called politics have been bundled and thrown outside the window for a prize that falls beneath your ladder.

You claim to be a formidable force to reckon with yet you embark on a journey even the nearly defunct CPP would not contemplate pursuing.

You have thrown away your social democratic ideology with the view to adopting a one which has no stream of success stories.

You are now building a strategic partnership with Julius Malema to the extent that you find your own dressing code to be something of an anathema.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us, with applause and a standing ovation, welcome Julius Malema, formerly referred to as the National Democratic Congress!

Well, their council of elders only counsel them to embark upon lawless acts, and to refuse to obey the laws of the country, so it is nothing shocking that the NDC is throwing away its so-called core principles and ideals in order to stock their house with the one which the world is yet to get a feel of.


Mr Kelly Brown

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