Women are the backbone of every family – Rebecca Akuffo–Addo


In the Holy Scriptures of the Christian denomination, a woman was created to be a helper (Genesis 2:18) and to compliment him.

However, Mrs Rebecca Akufo–Addo believes otherwise as she has mentioned that the helper is the backbone of the family.

The first lady, Mrs Akufo–Addo has revealed at a charity program held at the forecourt of Chapel Square, the premier Methodist church in Ghana established in Cape Coast that a woman is the backbone of the family as they represent the family and make sure the family is always catered for.

Speaking at the event, she highlighted the struggles some women have to go through to take care of their families or children.

She further went on to encourage them to continue doing the good job the women of Cape Coast and the world, in general, are doing to support their husbands and themselves.

“I am overwhelmed by the welcome and presence of women from all walks of life in the country, who have joined us here to support our hardworking women, who deserve commendation and all the needed support. We ostensibly chose Cape Coast because there are a lot of women here who are going through difficulty. We are all aware of the role women play in the family set up. They are the backbone of every family. They support their husbands in all fields of endeavour,” she stated.

She further added that based on the immense contribution of women; it would be prudent that women are supported. As a result, her foundation which is aimed at supporting and empowering women and children is going to give some support in diverse forms to enable them work.

“Once we are in the International Women’s Day, period, it would be prudent to support women for them to be self-sustained and become very productive using the gifts provided to them. However, to those women who would be privileged to receive some sort of support, kindly take good care of the items donated, so it could yield the maximum result for you” she advised.

Mrs Rebecca Akufo- Addo is the brain behind the Rebecca Foundation that supports women and children struggling economically. She also cut the sod for the construction of the Anafo market



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