Will the Panic-buying and Stockpiling of Essential Commodities in the United Kingdom be Replicated in Ghana?


The spread of the recent deadly strain of coronavirus throughout the world, being on record to have originated from Wuhan in China, has resulted in the panic-buying and stockpiling of foods and other basic human needs by people.

The virus has reached many countries in the Western world with some major cities and provinces in Italy on lockdown.

It has hit countries like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada and the United States of America, although in a limited form with the risk of spreading if precautions are not taken to contain it.

For the fear of possible lockdown of some cities where the disease may be established to be spreading faster, people have started buying food items and other essentials they will need when shops and markets are closed as a result of a lockdown ordered by the government.

I am not going be the odd one not to join the buy-for-stockpile fellows in case a lockdown is implemented. Better safe than sorry.

This Covid-19 deadly disease is suspected to be a laboratory experiment for biological or chemical warfare agents gone awry. Some are alleging that it is intentionally invented for trade war purposes. Others are saying it is to reduce the suspected overpopulation of the world or a means to create jobs and money for the pharmaceutical companies.

Many a person is coming out with their own conspiracy theories. However, all that I know is the virus is too deadly that no one should underestimate its fatality.

It is just right that every household gets enough hand sanitizers, observe certain quality level of personal and social hygiene and cease frequenting certain public places if demand is not urgent.

Are the African medical doctors, scientists and governments well-equipped for containing the coronavirus disease and other such periodic diseases that come unannounced to exterminate people and drain national coffers?

Will the African leaders stop stealing the nations’ funds to rather channel the monies into preparing their nations to better deal with eventualities as well as bettering the living standards of their people?

Let us keep sharing update information on the deadly coronavirus virus to keep us safe from attack and untimely death.

Rockson Adofo

Monday, 9 March 2020


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