Will Ghana’s ‘Methuselah’ MPs be in parliament forever? – Kwesi Pratt quizzes


Veteran Journalist Kwesi Pratt Junior is unhappy with leaders of political parties who impose sitting MPs whom he described as “Methuselahs” on delegates, because of their claims that their preferred candidates are experienced parliamentarians.

According to him, the fact that the Member of Parliament is an experienced one does not mean he should be voted for, adding that defeats the game of politics.

“How do you know that the one coming is not more learned than the incumbent? They all started from class 1, everyone went to parliament for the first time. Do you know the one coming will do, the “Methuselahs” in Parliament will be there forever?”

He continued saying “The name of the game is that when you don’t do things that suits those who voted for you, they will vote against you…simple. But when you do the right thing, they will vote for you”, he pointed out on a popular media house monitored by mynewsgh.

“Why is it that some people have been elected four times, and some people were in parliament for only one term…ask your own questions?”, he emphasised.

Meanwhile Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs has admitted that money has taken over the centre stage of Ghana’s parliament instead of experience.

He said the situation has had a telling effect on the debate of the house as the quality is taking a nosedive compared to previous parliaments.is taking a nosedive compared to previous parliaments.

In what he described as ‘moneycracy’ imbibed in the body politics of the country, he envisaged a bleak future for the country’s democracy if this trend persists.

“We cultivate ‘moneycracy’ in our parties and that is what is translating into our national life. We should be careful. I keep saying that I don’t know what is going to happen in the next 20 years ….those of us in NPP and even in NDC if we should continue what we are doing. Increasingly parliament is being taken by those with fat wallets”, he revealed on Joy PM Express Personality Profile.


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