We are siblings from the same womb(NPP). We are fruits from the same tree. We hope to reach the same destinations but through different routes.

Why must this lead to these rancorous attacks and acrimonious resentments against one another?

At all cost, support someone. It is your inalienable right to do so. It could be overtly or covertly done, but don’t insult your brother or sister because of your support or lack of it for an aspirant.

Why must we wash our dirty linens in public just because we love one candidate or the other while we may not like another.

The ones we insult may be the same people we would have to sell to the electorate. How do we sell products our acidic mouths make unwholesome?

What would be our ultimate rewards for insulting those we do not support? Nothing, folks. Let’s hasten slowly.

The one you are insulting for would patch things with the insulted and you would forever remain in the bad books of the insulted.

Let me tell you a short anecdotal story about an incident. Two pupils engaged in fisticuffs over a matter. Kofi was the darling boy of Teacher Mensah. Yaw was ‘hated’ by Teacher Mensah. At least, that’s how Yaw and his pals saw it.

The matter was to be adjudicated by Teacher Mensah. It was obvious that Kofi, irrespective of what he did, would be pronounced innocent because he was the one Teacher Mensah loved.

It turned out that Teacher Mensah, after listening to both accounts of the pupils, pronounced Kofi guilty and Yaw innocent. Kofi was consequently punished.

Kofi got angry, wondering why Teacher Mensah did not pronounce him innocent despite the fact that he was guilty due to their cordial relationship. Despite his anger, Kofi did not insult his teacher.

Yaw, who, hitherto, had thought he was hated by Teacher Mensah, began to think differently of Teacher Mensah. He realized that he was wrong that the teacher hated him. He became his friend after that incident.

Kofi, after some time, came back to his senses as he realized that he was indeed guilty and had just got his desserts. He came back to Teacher Mensah and both of them grew fond of their teacher.

You see, at the end of the day, both factions found it easy ironing their differences with Teacher Mensah due to how they conducted themselves in the heat of their conflict.

You, in the heat of these internal conflicts, have resorted to raining insults on the aspirants you don’t want to see win. Ask yourself if the manner in which you have been insulting those you don’t support would make him or her forgive you after the elections.

Patriots, let’s not go beyond what is considered to be the norm. Sell your candidate, don’t insult his or her opponent, and peace and tranquillity would reign after the primaries.

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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