Who made the Asante Overlord a de facto Overlord of Kumawu?


You can choose to call him the Asante Overlord contrary to his real position of Ceremonial Head of the Asantes, according to the history facts and credible documentary proofs available to the writer of this publication.

Since the inception of the metamorphosed Asante Confederacy into the current Asanteman Council, and especially from the restoration of the Asante Confederacy in 1935, Kumawu like the other prominent states within the Confederacy, has never come under the direct intransigent control of any so-called powerful Asante Overlord to the extent of such a powerful overlord imposing a royal candidate of his collusive choice on Kumawu as their overlord.

What am I seeing since the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute began in year 2007, after the demise of Kumawuhene Barima Asumadu Sakyi II? Following the demise of Kumawuhene Barima Asumadu Sakyi II, the current Asante Overlord, Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has been conducting himself maliciously selfishly and insatiably greedily to forcibly bring Kumawu under his dominion contrary to the tenets and conventions of the Asanteman Council’s as both written and unwritten.

Subsequently, and drawing on my rich knowledge of Kumawu history, I am compelled to ask, who made him the overlord of Kumawuman with the authoritative finality over issues concerning Kumawu? It is not Kumawu custom and traditions as far as I am aware of. It is not the Asante conventions as far as I know. It is not the Constitution of Ghana as far as my studious search goes. Therefore, the question still being asked is, who made him that obstinate overlord with make or break power over Kumawu?

He is arrogating to himself powers over Kumawu that he is not entitled to and the source of which powers is hard to trace by me because they don’t exist anywhere in the statute books of Ghana nor in the conventions of Kumawu and Asanteman.

I am officially throwing a challenge to Asantehene, Asanteman and anyone in Ghana to tell me how and why Asantehene should have dominion over Kumawu to be able to impose a candidate of his choice on Kumawu as Kumawuman’s paramount chief. Where does he draw his source of power from, I am querying?

No Asantehene has any role to play in the chieftaincy affairs of Kumawu. He cannot decide for us who becomes Kumawuhene. He cannot choose for us a Kumawuhene at his Manhyia Palace as happened on 24 February 2014 at that disgraceful gathering by the Asanteman Council as witnessed by a great multitude of audience.

I pause to ask Asanteman Council to publish their reasons for believing that Asantehene has the right to involve himself in Kumawu chieftaincy matters to the point of choosing Kumawuhene for us.

This is the beginning of a series of my publications to question the authority of Asantehene on his involvement in the Kumawu chieftaincy affairs and his resolute determination to ensure that whatever he says or decides about Kumawu goes.

I am renewing my publications, be they repetitive or not, to inform Ghanaians and the worldwide interested public that it is all farcical and criminal for any Asantehene to believe, or say, that they have authority over Kumawu. They don’t and shall never have, as long as the faithful and just God continues to remain God!

I have come out of hibernation, refreshed and determined than never before to deal a final nail in the head of the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy issue. My failure to do the right thing in this critical period in the life of Kumawuman will be a great disservice to my people and place of birth, on my part.

As a vessel of God, I shall defend my people and be at their service whether rain or shine. I am waiting on Asantehene or the Asanteman Council for their response to my question querying the source of Asantehene’s authority to meddling in Kumawu chieftaincy affairs.

I shall be deceiving myself and the public if I do not emphasize on the point that I am aware of some of my submitted write-ups on the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute, especially when it is about Asantehene, never getting published. I can only guess the reasons why. Subsequently, I shall advise the public to often crosscheck my three online publishers, Modernghana.com, Ghanaweb.com and Dailymailafrica.com formerly Breakingnewsgh.com, to read my latest publications on whatever topic. If one does not publish it, the other may have published it.

I am very grateful to my publishers who help me share views with the reading general public as well as update them on the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute.

God willing, Kumawuman shall be liberated from the injustice and oppressions by any obstinate traditional or public overlords.

Rockson Adofo

Tuesday, 7 July 2020


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