Consiste ncy in politics is not only a mark of seriousness but also a sign of integrity and determination. Your stance on national issues can’t be wavery and you want to be taken serious. Consistently, the NDC, its supporters and communicators have been so inconsistent regarding NPP’s policy alternatives from 2008 up to date. The NDC has strongly opposed alot of the NPP’s policies and programs and later you see and hear them hailing and even claiming the very policies and programs as originally theirs.

In 2008, the NDC with late Mills and Mahama were clear and loud that on the Dagbon crisis, there could never be real peace without justice in search for peace in Dagbon and by justice, they meant to produce the killers of the late Ya-Na first, to appease the family before peace could return to the Dagbon kingdom. The NPP with Nana Addo and Bawumia said if they got power they were going to resolve the Yendi crisis and restore peace in Dagbon. NDC got it, went for the killers and left them free again. That first failure threw them off the road to peace in Dagbon. They got stuck and threw wild blows on Dagbon peace for eight years till H.E. Nana Addo and his man, Bawumia arrived. Within their first two years, peace returned to Dagbon and a new Ya-Na enskinned. The NDC said they should share the credit. Did they produce the killers they promised as a precondition to the return of peace to Dagbon? NO. On what basis do they share the credit? If they were consistent, they would concede that their failure to produce the killers disqualified them from sharing the grace with Nana Addo and his NPP.

We all saw and heard how strongly they campaigned against the Free SHS policy proposal in 2012 and 2016 . Today, they are claiming it was their policy and they started it. They were emphatic and vociferous that free things are of poor quality and FSHS was not good.Their inconsistency.

They heavily attacked and condemned all the NPP’s “one this, one that” proposals and that, they were not feasible programs. The one village, one dam program was rolled out and what did we hear? They’re dugouts and later, oooh the NDC even dug some dams before. Meanwhile, they said digging dams wasn’t a possible venture. The same people, inconsistent. The One District, One Factory program caught them in the same web of confusion and contradiction.

Fast forward, from 2012-2016, Ghana was in total darkness (Dumsor regime). Businesses collapsed, education heavily affected, health was being toyed with, unemployment skyrocketed, the economy went down to its knees compelling government to cancel trainee allowances and Ebola scare flashed us in 2015. In four years of Dumsor, there were increments in light bills throughout. JM and the NDC didn’t know that Ghanaians deserved any interventions to give them some reliefs. It was just everyone for himself and God for us all struggle till the regime was shown the exit in 2016.

A competent regime took over, revived the economy, energized the weak inherited energy sector, put businesses back and rolled out its flagship programs in full scale. A pandemic broke out and serious brains converged to fight the pandemic but not at the expense of the people. As devastating as the pandemic is, competent brains that are so humble enough to carry the people along, designed relief packages to cushion the citizens. All of a sudden, the NDC is claiming they have offered those lofty ideas of mitigation packages for Ghanaians. Granted it is even so, do we see the humility in the current leadership? They listen to everybody unlike those days when Ghanaians were not listened to. Key members of the same group who want to reap where they didn’t sow are again condemning and rubbishing the very mitigation packages they claim are their ideas. Did we go or did we come, Hon.John Jinapor?

Does it now mean the NDC have ran out of alternative ideas or it is just the case of “if you can’t beat them, you join them?”

JM and his supporters boasted and prided themselves that he used only three months to campaign and won the 2012 presidential elections. Now, the same JM is accusing Nana Addo that he is extending the lockdown period for another two weeks just to prevent he(JM) from campaigning as if he doesn’t follow the daily updates of the COVID-19 cases in Ghana. Where is the consistency?

I think the NDC seriously needs CONSISTENCY for campaign credibility in 2020.


Voice from KPASENKPE.


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