When a Monster is in the Making, Better Stop It before It Becomes too Late – Kumawu Ahenenananonhene

For evil to triumph is for good people to sit down doing nothing. Therefore, when a monster is perceived to be in the making, good people had better nip it in its initial stage of development. When left nonchalantly to become a full grown monster, it will turn to terrorise, kill or consume people. This is obvious. And, “Had I known is always at last”.
Subsequently, it is only imperative that one Thomas from Kumawu, fraudulently enstooled by the late Kumawuhene Barima Asumadu Sakyi II, as the Kumawu Ahenenananonhene, be stopped in his tracks, and held squarely to account for his bastardised scheming. I am not concerned about his alleged nefarious collusion with some purported powerful persons to plunder the Kumawu palace for his uncivilised, selfish and insatiable greed but his nonsensical criminal pronouncements and intentions about the person of Rockson Adofo, the author of this publication.
Kumawu as I knew it when growing up as a child was a nice place to live at. However, today, it is in ruins. This is because of bad traditional ruling by crooks and their agents and assigns of whom Thomas by his despicable behaviour is well a part of the cause of the near annihilation of Kumawu. He does not seek the collective welfare of the people and the prosperity of Kumawuman as a whole but his personal interest and that of the criminal clique of which he is a stooge and an errand boy. If that was not the case, how would he support Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II to illegally try to rewrite the history of Kumawuman to suit his egoistic aspirations, rob the farmlands and other wealth of Kumawuman in broad daylight?
Those of us who know the history of Kumawu, seek the collective interests of the subjects of Kumawuman hence resisting the plots by Asantehene and his cohorts, are hated by Thomas, an ignorant Ghanaian UK “burger” who for his many years residing in Manchester, has not learnt any bit of the Whiteman’s intelligence, wisdom, nationalism and dedication of service to their country and people. If he were wise, he would never support Asantehene who is bent on raping or exploiting his (Thomas’) adopted ancestral place of birth, Kumawuman, in a broad daylight with impunity.
Asantehene has no right whatsoever under the Sun, the moon and the stars, to meddle in Kumawu chieftaincy affairs let alone, brazenly impose a puppet of his choice on Kumawu as their paramount chief with intent to expropriate the wealth of Kumawuman for his own. This is someone that Thomas, who claims to be Kumawu Ahenenananohene, supports with all his heart, soul and mind hence plotting to arrest Rockson Adofo and the people’s and God’s chosen Kumawuhene Barima Tweneboa Kodua V, deal mercilessly with them to please his master. What a blockhead and an enemy of Kumawuman, Thomas is.
I promise on my honour to use the law to silence Thomas once I get all the credible evidence I need to nail him. The very people he talks his nonsense with will be the same people to help me get the proof that I urgently need to prove to him that he is no match for me to try his stupid ploys on.
If he does not care about the collective interests of Kumawuman subjects and the locality, Kumawuhene Tweneboa Kodua V, his supporters and I, do care. Advisably, he had better cease his disgusting bootlicking to please Asantehene to rather seek the welfare of Kumawuman and her inhabitants.
By the behaviour of Thomas, a person who has outgrown his intelligence and age, where is his love for Kumawuman, if one may ask? He cares about finding favour in the eyes of Asantehene but not seeking the interests of Kumawuman hence stupidly threatening me. I am a hard nut for him to contend with, thus crack. I shall prove myself so to his utter bewilderment.
It will soon be the war of titans between him and me. I will use the law to face him, saddled with his malicious stupid schemes. I am not a soft touch for a nincompoop like Thomas, to ban me from going to Ghana by his silly threats emanating from his absurd fondness for cheap fame in the eyes of the Asante “overlord” and his cohorts.
Thomas has crossed the Rubicon and he will be treated as such! As irresponsible and unintelligent as he is to insult the relatives of his wife, both dead and alive, both rich and poor, and get away with, he will get his comeuppance in Rockson Adofo, a fearless no-nonsense man who does not suffer fools kindly.
He should go and ask one Kwaku Akosah, the elder brother of Dr Yaw Sarfo a.k.a Kumawuhene Barima Sarfo Tweneboa Kodua, how I have silenced him since he phoned to threaten me, and left threatening voicemail on my phone. He should also go and ask one Madam Berhene from the Kumawu Ananangya royal family how she has been silenced when an undercover investigator recorded her for having given a bribe to the judge, registrar and bailiff of the Kumawu District Court.
Thomas, you are a kiddie so don’t try to rob shoulders with me or else, you will live to regret. While you resort to criminal means, I shall on the other hand use legal means by falling on the British law to silence you for good. If you crave for a criminal record in the United Kingdom, you shall get one, I promise you. But know the consequences of having a criminal record to your name in the UK. In the UK, the law is no respecter of persons. It has no room to freely accommodate lowlifes like Thomas who is overflowing with evil intents but to slap them with punishment – caution, prosecution, conviction and jail sentence.
I would have just ignored him but how and when will he learn a lesson to be responsible if he should be allowed to continue with his mischief or malevolence? Knowing the veracity of the adage, “spare the rod and you spoil the child”, I have decided to whip him into a decent line hence my resolute resolution to use the British law to pump sense into his hollow cranium once I get all the credible evidence needed on his threats to my life.
Rockson Adofo
Monday, 19 August 2019