What THE politician should, must know and understand: Why Absence of Civic Education is a Serious Miss


What THE politician should, must know and understand: Why Absence of Civic Education is a Serious Miss

Many political party supporters, sympathisers, committed members, and others, do not realise that, once a member is elected into a position of authority in either a party or government, that person instantly defines himself/herself under two categories, an institution and also an individual, which gives him or her the right to enjoy private life. However, the (any) conscious leader, as soon he/she assumes a position of authority allows, or, will allow the institution to dictate his/ her actions.

For instance, immediately NPP officially elect a regional chairman the party expects him to constitute himself into two personalities, as chairman (institution) and an individual. The elected chairman, consvious as expected, is supposed to commit to ethical responsibilities imposed on him by the position (institution) The person is obligatorily compelled to live up to that status. Failure to respect that is an automatic breach of his assigne, required responsibility. The position then accords any objective, party committed member the justified right to question the chairman, who works in capacity as an institution, about any and all unacceptable actions

In view of the above description, there should be no attacks, insults on, names calling to any party member who will put party concerns over members elected into positions. It will therefore be unfair, unjustified, unacceptable, irresponsible comments, for any party member to describe anyone who protects the institution of any party in abusive manner when the chairman (institution) has clearly, obviously veered off. Sometimes describing such deviation as disliking for the institutional head is not just unfair but gives reasons to question the commitment level of the wrongful, questionable definer.

Let no one also forget that, any misconduct of any NPP regional chairman, who is head of the institution, does not only do so to discredit the image of the institution the leader occupies but should also remember such attitude could have serious consequences on the 2020 general elections. NPP regional chairmen are pleaded with to recognise their position as an institution that commends a set of responsibilities.

Thank you,

Teacher Koo Pong 


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