What is the Role of the Reconciliation Chief (“Nkabomuhene”) in the Ghanaian Chieftaincy Affairs?


To understand the purpose of the creation, and the role, of the not long ago traditional position of Reconciliation Chief, thus, “Nkabomuhene” in the Akan chieftaincy set-up, I have decided to put out this publication of inquiry.

I do not have much time on my hand to go to the library to do a research on it to quell my doubts, although I am desirous at the same time of satisfying my curiosity as to the relevance of the creation of that position.

The first time I heard about this position of “Nkabomuhene” in the Ghanaian Akan chieftaincy is about twenty years or so ago.

I had attended an Association meeting of some citizens of a traditional area in Ghana living in London. Their meetings were, and are still, held on the last Sunday of every month.

In the meeting, and during the discussion of other matters, it came up as following. A member of the Association who was present, had gone to Ghana to see the paramount chief of the area. He had told the paramount chief (Omanhene) that he had gathered the subjects of the traditional area living in London to form a union or an association.

He explained that his objective is not only to unite the people but also, to allow the members know themselves, help themselves in various ways and by extension, help their community in Ghana and the people therein. His aim was laudable.

From sources gathered and tendered in evidence in the meeting, he was subsequently crowned the “Nkabomuhene” of the traditional area by the paramount chief. The enstooled Nkabomuhene caused his enstoolment and some of his statements to be published in some of the Ghanaian newspapers.

He was challenged in the meeting for telling lies to the paramount chief back home in Ghana for he was not the founder of the Association but simply a member. He was not even an Executive member but an ordinary member like many others. He had not been resolving any differences between the subjects of the traditional area as are living in London contrary to what he told the paramount chief when in Ghana, subsequent upon which he was crowned “Nkabomuhene”

Copies of the newspaper publications about his enstoolment and statements were tendered in evidence in the meeting. He was directed by the President of the Association to go back to publish a retraction of his statements in the same newspapers, specifying that he had lied, and bring back copies to show to the members in their next meeting.

It was even alleged that he had paid a handsome fee to the paramount chief before he was accepted and crowned as “Nkabomuhene” but this was less important than the fact that he had lied about his position and role in the Association.

However, out of shame and disgrace, he ceased to be a member of the Association. He discontinued attending the monthly meetings but continued to be the “Nkabomuhene”, over whom and what I can’t tell until today.

While he was relishing in his post as the “Nkabomuhene”, there was, and is still, an ongoing chieftaincy dispute in his traditional area for the past thirteen years as I speak but he could do fuck all about it.

He and then paramount chief of the area are both dead.

My worry is, was it not his duty to have sought to resolve the ruinous ongoing chieftaincy dispute by virtue of his chieftaincy title or position? How then does he prove himself worthy to the people if he could not reconcile opposing parties in a chieftaincy dispute that is destroying his traditional area?

Now, there has arisen a new replacement Reconciliation Chief. Let us see what he can do. Nonetheless, he may have started wrongly, having a split double-tongue like that of the serpent (snake), saying one thing here and another there.

When seeking to reconcile opposing people or parties, you have to be guided by the truth and seek to let justice prevail or else, you may have failed even before taking your first step towards your reconciliation attempts.

I shall come back to discuss in detail this topic but until I have been well-informed on the role of a Reconciliation chief in our modern day chieftaincy affairs.

I am waiting on the public for more relevant information and explanation. If the need calls for, I shall myself do my own research as it is necessary to discuss the role of the “Nkabomuhene” in relation to an ongoing problem I find very worrying and disturbing.

Rockson Adofo

Monday, 13 July 2020


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