19 years of Rawlings.
Not a single agitation. Not a single press statement. For whatever reason, Ghana was perfect for everyone.

Kufuor becomes President:
Agitations start.
“We don’t want to be part of Ghana. Give us Togoland”

Not a single soul. Not one. Nobody. Not a single demand for secession. Not even a cough or a whisper in 8 years. Suddenly Ghana was restored to yet a perfect country once again. All the agitations vanished with Mills electoral victory, and was buried after Mahama was sworn in.

Akufo-Addo becomes president.

The forces rise again. Suddenly an uncontrollable urge and a non-negotiable demand for a new country. Since 2017 that Nana Addo was sworn in, it’s been one thing after another. One demonstration after another. This time, people have been recruited, armed and been trained to usurp the powers of the state.

Now listen, those of you who think it is convenient to, out of some silly propaganda hang this around the neck of government, while deliberately ignoring the real issues. Those who have access to these miscreants, but would rather twist the realities than confront it, for the sole purposes of political expediency, listen to this, and learn:

The greatest victims of the atrocities and terrorist activities of Boko Haram are the people of the part of Nigeria they come from. The people of these areas have suffered more than anybody else. The earlier you support government to confront this, the better for everyone. Because Mahama must be president, you’d reduced dangerous issues like this to electoral one.

I am not about to embellish this with any long words, if your mum is dead and you insist she’s sleeping, she’ll remain asleep till eternity.

If you’re too wise to think the government is behind this, and it is doing this to suppress some supposed votes, I won’t even argue. Yeah right, because all the times the NDC lost elections, Volta votes were suppresssed with these tactics. Even with Mahama’s spectacular defeat, it was because Volta didn’t vote. We defeated the man by o we 1 million votes from opposition. And you think we need to engage is this silly tactics to beat him again? Mahama? 2016 was Allah’s work, and He’ll continue it in 2020 In Sha’a Allah.

Mahama has destroyed the NDC, fortunately, he’s also preparing the grounds to be allowed a return in 2024.


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