We’re votingfor Dr Rashid-Our Light, water, School all by NPP, Enyan Nsaawaadzi people.


We’re votingfor Dr Rashid-Our Light, water, School all by NPP, Enyan Nsaawaadzi people.

“We have benefited from NPP Governments in the past and today. Our town has been a backbone for the NDC for too long,yet nothing to boast about”,
Mr. Assan disclosed.

Taking stock of what the two major parties have done in his village, Mr Assan pointed at many benefits the people of his area have had from NPP.

” The school you see up there and the attached Teachers’ bungalow were constructed by NPP. We were joined to the national grid for light during President Kuffour’s time. The current Government has given us three digital stand pipes with wholesome water running through them non-stop. I know how many people could attend Senior Secondary School from this town, just a hand full. Affording SHS was difficult for us due to economic hardship in the past but today more children are enjoying free technical, vocational and SHS.” he added.

To him, the people had been used for votes by the NDC all the years past. He claimed,each person’s vote was to bring development but nothing changed from 2009 to 2016. Before election 2016, Assan said the member of parliament for the area, Cassiel Ato Forson had told them his government had fully paid for the construction of a one kilometer road linking Enyan Abaasa and Enyan Nsaawaadzi but right after the election,the people didn’t see any contractor again. He described this as a deception tactics employed the MP to gain their support.
Touching on the individual lives of his area, the now happy and decided man said “over the years,the MP would bring crates of minerals , Cutlasses and Ten Ghana Cedis to lure the people into voting for him.” During the recent new Voter registration exercise,the MP shared one thousand cedis to the people of Nsaawaadzi,each person got fifteen cedis. ‘This can’t bring about self reliance and development.” he cried.

A group of young men and and women who were sad for the sorry state of things in the village chanted for the coming of Rashid and promised to reward Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and Dr Rashid Kwesi Etuaful for the infrastructure and social interventions they are enjoying from the current government.
“This year’s election is purely going to based on policies, developmental projects seen in our enclave. No amount of vote buying by the MP will work. How long must he trick our conscience,never again?”
The elderly people here must know that our future is important and we the youth will let them know the need to vote for the NPP’s Parliamentary candidate and Nana Addo.
If for nothing at all, it’s this Government that has blessed us with free things,like free water for 6 months,free electricity for 6 months,free SHS and others, something we’ve not heard about before in Ghana’s history

We believe in helping to develop Nsaawaadzi and so our votes are our contribution this year.

Story by
Lorjes Nanappong


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