We Provided Farmers Adonko To Help Cure Their Waist Pains – John Mahama

Ghana celebrated Farmers Day yesterday to help admonish the good works of the largest primary sector. During this event, various farm products are displaced publicly and the best farmer is awarded. Most often, some win homes, machines and others.

This year is no different. Farmers are provided with lots of items as a means of encouraging them. However, the former president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama is not pleased with how farmers should be given cutlasses. According to him, these weak tools will only discourage the youth from entering into Agriculture.

 Today, we don’t use cutlasses to weed. If these items are given as awards, it will only scare the youth from farming.

Right after his statement, the ruling party New Patriotic Party also took to social media to warn the ex president from talking this way when during his turn such things were done including the provision of a popular local drink called “Adonko”.

In a twist, the former president also replied that such drink was to help cure waist pains.

 The Adonko bitters was only to help cure the waist pains most farmers encounter as a result of too much works on their farm.

Now, what’s your say? Do you agree with the former president? Let’s hear from you in the comments.