Voters register: NDC Youth Organizer slams EC, Akufo-Addo


National Youth Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), George Opare Addo has posited that the judiciary has been compromised to the extent that they cannot speak truth to power.

The NDC officer is still not convinced why the Electoral Commission (EC) was allowed to organise the registration exercise in the face of the global pandemic of the coronavirus outbreak.

Mr. Opare Addo was worried at the disregard for social distancing at registration centres across the country, warning the situation could escalate our cases.

In his view, every life lost in this period should be blamed on President Akufo-Addo and the EC boss Mrs,. Jean Mensa.

Read his full statement below

We are not angry enough as a people . We have allowed politics to cloud our judgement. The world is in the middle of a pandemic yet our irresponsible government have decided to support our recalcitrant Electoral Commissioner and her Deputies to undertake a mass registration exercise.

Our judiciary have become so compromised that they can’t speak truth to power. Our laws on citizenship have been turned upside down , kind courtesy our Judges.

The Ghana medical association is complaining about the lack of PPEs and lack of testing kits yet our hypocritical society is quite . Today people are being discharged from hospitals without any test to know what their COVID status are. We have equated discharge from health centers to recovery.

I have visited some registration centers across the country and the least said about the social distancing the better.

Every life lost during this period should be blamed on President Nana Addo Jean Mensah and the noblemen and women of the Supreme Court.

From what is happening at our registration centers, many more will be infected with COVID 19 and many more will die.

God save this nation from the hands of this feeble-minded and unintelligent leadership.

Our leaders have failed us and we must show our anger.

Don’t be swayed by the deceitful phrase that COVID Has come to stay. When did it come and who has allowed it to stay.

Together we can defeat COVID but we need strong leadership with a sense of purpose and direction to defeat the virus.

Let’s speak out and let our voices be heard.

Let’s not relent until this battle is won and let’s demand more from our government.

To all our countrymen and women who have lost their lives to COVID may God grant them eternal rest


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