Dear Vitus Azeem,

I have chanced upon a post you made on your Facebook page on 12th August which by and large, lets the cat out of the bag.

You are no anti-corruption crusader! You are simply a soldier of fortune working tirelessly for John Dramani Mahama.

In that post on your page, you touched on the building of the Cathedral and the fact that the Takoradi girls have still not been found.

What consternated me is the fact that you would not stick to your corruption crusade but veer into Cathedral and missing girls matters.

Which anti-corruption agent talks about such items and creates the impression that they are corruption related items?

This is what you wrote on the page;

“So the PDS brohaha is already dying? The Cathedral is going on with destruction of buildings. The Takoradi girls matter is gradually being pushed to the background. The Board chair of GRA! People over and above 65 years still holding public offices! The AFCON 2019 expenditures (well some MPs were told that they benefited). Campaign issues for NDC on a silver platter! Wao, 2020 will be interested”

You are virtually advising the NDC on what to capture in their manifesto for elections 2020.

No anti-corruption crusader worth his salt would be writing posts laced with political undertones for one political party to use against another.

We understand that now you are Mahama’s advisor on corruption related issues just like your friend, Daniel Batidam was made an advisor.

Stop speaking to corruption related matters on radio, for you have forfeited that right to do that.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.