Do not be under any illusion, Dr. Bawumia remains the nemesis of the opposition NDC.

Vice President Bawumia is seen as the bane of the NDC. He is their worse nightmare.

He crumbles their weeks of propagandistic sermons with a single statement. He dwindles their lies with impeccable facts.

He is a thorn in their flesh. In opposition, Bawumia made nonsense of the economic management style of the then government with his deliveries.

For Hannah Bissiw to describe Bawumia as useless is something that should not shock anybody because she is known to be insolent.

For someone who is useless, why are they quick to name Adongo after Bawumia? So Adongo is also useless?

She claims she is not useless, so why would she use her own money to buy a brand new Toyota Landcriser Prado, give it to her so-called husband for him to give same to her as a gift simply because she had given birth for him?

Raining insults on political opponents is Hannah Bissiw’s trademark. She respects no one under the sun, and this fact is known by many people.

Hannah Bissiw is not worth the hassle. I thanked God when the NDC voted for her as their National Women’s Organizer. She has nothing in there to help their party.

Bawumia is like the wind, they are trying to catch him but to no avail. He is like a ghost impossible to handle.

May God continue to make Bawumia the greatest threat to the NDC.

Omama Biara Ho Y3 Ahi. Not ten people economists in the NDC combined can be equated to Dr. Bawumia, and that’s what gives these lost souls the jitters!

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.