Vet Services Directorate ready for coronavirus testing


The Veterinary Services Directorate and Professionals have declared their readiness to dedicate their laboratories in Accra, Tamale and Takoradi for Coronavirus testing.

“We are by this statement informing the Government, Ghana Health Services and the Special COVID-19 Task Force that the Veterinary laboratories in Accra, Tamale and Takoradi have the requisite Biosafety facilities (BSL 3+) for samples to be safely contained.

“In addition, the Modular Veterinary Laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) technology and the skilled human resources to run COVID-19 tests, if provided with the necessary reagents, diagnostic kits, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and consumables.”

This was contained in a statement signed by Dr Hayford Asiedu-Baah, the Acting Director of the Veterinary Services Directorate and copied to the Ghana News Agency on Monday in Accra.

The statement urged all veterinary professionals around the country to intensify their activities to ensure that good quality and safe animal products were made available to the public.

The statement said, “Finally, we want to re-assure livestock farmers and pet owners that domestic and farm animals do not play any role in the spread of COVID-19 and the Veterinary Service is working hard to ensure that food security and food safety is not compromised during these trying times.”

The Directorate believed it was important to adhere to recommendations of World Health Organization to expand testing of people in response to the outbreak,

The statement further said this would ensure rapid and early detection of infected individuals and the timely implementation of life-saving treatment.

“In this light, the Veterinary Services Directorate (VSD) is joining the national call to action,” the statement said.


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