UG students call for identity of colleague who tested positive for coronavirus


Some students of the University of Ghana are asking for the name of their colleague who tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The students believe that this will help other persons who may have come into contact with the infected student to subject themselves to the necessary screenings.

They believe that it would make the work of the team tracing all persons the said student may have had an interaction with.

“I suggest that the name of the student who has been quarantined be disclosed for the knowledge of all students. I’m sure the patient would not be able to remember all that she has done and the people she has been with since arriving into the country. So if we get to know her name, then those of us who had contacts with her will come for screening,” one Akua told UniversNews.

But Acting Director of the University Health Services, Dr. Mark Frempong, has shot down the request.

He says that such actions could be unethical and a breach of confidentiality.

“Confidentiality is very crucial and ethical, and very important. We can’t give the name. But we are talking and working with the lady to really show us wherever she has been. In fact, the roommates of the first contact with her have even presented themselves for quarantining and testing.

Dr. Frempong is, however, urging calm among members of the University community as it steps up its effort to prevent the spread of the virus.

People should remain calm. We are not going to put her name out there but people who think they have had contact with her should call the number we have released and we would follow up

Meanwhile, Dr. Frempong has disclosed that a close study partner of the affected student has tested negative for the virus.


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