‘Two Ghanaian MPs Will Die Of Coronavirus’- Prophet Nigel Gaisie Reveals


The Founder and Leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has revealed that two Ghanaian lawmakers will die of coronavirus.

The controversial Ghanaian man of God disclosed this during a live radio worship and prayer session on Neat FM, hosted by media personality, Ola Michael.

Although he never mentioned those who will be affected, he said one of them is from the Northern part of Ghana and the other from the Southern part.

Prophet Gaisie stated that he saw in the realms of the spirit that the two parliamentarians will show symptoms of the coronavirus after testing positive and if care is not taken, they will die of the disease.



  1. This is all that the so called prophets of God know. Instead of praying or donating items to help in the fight against the corona virus, they are preaching doom.Their silly intentions will land straight on their good for nothing heads.

  2. Why do you the press give these so called idiot prophets attention on the news. If no one show their pictures and stupid comments in the news, they may be discouraged about giving such stupid predictions.
    What this osofomoko should concentrate on at this time is to find a way to help those who are in trouble with Coronavirus. Thank you

  3. The Lord of hosts should visit vengeance on like minded pastors of doom and send them destruction and death and above all shame before their demise.
    He is a surest candidate of the COVID 19!

  4. Ghanaian media are equally guilty of waiting people’s time for always publishing these nonsense from these useless so called prophets. When are we as a people going to be able to make different between good and bad. These media for the sake of taking money from people are publishing only nonsense and failing to tackle important issues. I am at wonder to see people who have used resources to train as journalists can’t know good from bad. God help Africans.

  5. All these predictors of death prophets are fake and are agents of the Devil. Jesus said “you will know them by their fruits” .

  6. Look at this man. You couldn’t tell anything about the pandemic till it took the world by surprise. You’re not even ashamed to say anything about this virus only about MPs who will die. What about those who have died already. Did you see that? Liar!! We careless about MPs dying what the nation need is a solution. And the recovery if those who are ill with the virus. Now the nation is sitting on thorns waiting for the results of over 15,000 people who have been tested only to here a stupid prophecy from useless do called prophet. Please stop featuring this man on your news portal. He makes ghanaians sick.

  7. Bam I totally agree with you. in that so called realm he saw mp dying the realm couldn’t reveal solutions to him so that ghanaians will make millions from it as the whole world is looking for better solutions, shameless pastors shut up ur dirty beaks

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