Good people die everyday. Yet not all of them affirm for us goodness in humanity and leadership the way ALHAJI FUSAINI MAIGA did. He passed away and left a legacy worth learning from . And that is invaluable.

ALHAJI MAIGA astute organiser Contrary to popular opinion, his leadership style wasn’t one he chose because it paid big bucks it was all about the positively impacting the lives of our zango community . His passion and hard work led him to become a Great NASARA leader with the ability to Navigate and Organise a Nasara movement . He took public criticism with finesse and grace, indeed he believed he was not perfect.

ALHAJI FUSAINI MAIGA loved people, and was willing to do the hard work it takes to build all kinds of relationships. ALHAJI made friends from enemies. He intentionally built the kind of relationships in the communities he worked in to bring people together , he was so good at relationship building, things got done for not only for NASARA but everything he was involved in .

It would have been easy for him to slip into an authoritative power mode, but ALHAJI MAIGA’s humility was the real power he had in the relationships he cultivated. Being humble helped him to be known as someone who acted out ethically even while others in similar positions did not.

Two weeks ago, our senior compatriot, brother and Father paid me a visit at the Office just to give me words of encouragement and the need to stay focus on the Changing the lives of our Zango People. He said ‘Be weary !!! adversities will always come so prepare for them by being on guard and focused ‘ these were his words.

I spoke of a legacy hard to define .Today am proud and humbled to say , if not for Alhaji Maiga there wouldn’t have been a Nasara , there wouldn’t even have been Nasara UK and there wouldn’t have been Sulaiman Arafat Abdullai ( Nasara Mugabe) Prez for Nasara UK for 11 years and now CEO Zango Development.
ALHAJI MAIGA embodied the mantra of “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Fusaini Maiga not only made positive changes in the communities he was a part of . He believed that positive change and caring about people were intricately linked.

You are all right to say ALHAJI FUSAINI MAIGA will be missed. The bottom line is that he was a great leader. Should we all dare to humble ourselves and draw back the curtain of all this entails, only then can we learn about leadership and humanity by following in Alhaji’s footprints.

Our prayer continues to be withALHAJI FUSAINI MAIGA and the Family he left behind. May he rest in the bossom of the Almighty Allah and his resting place be filled with the light of Allah . To his wonderful family no matter how many times your are told it gets better , you feel as though this pain and emptiness shall never but know this ‘ Allah gives and takes back in his own time. He burdens you not with more than you can carry’ . I will not attempt to preach to you , but this through a difficult time and I pray it does same for you . Thank you .


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