As She Deletes Her WhatsApp Over Death Threats

Tracey Boakye is in dire straits following threats being made on her life by some women believed to be members of the NDC.

The loudmouthed average filmmaker has been forced to delete her WhatsApp lines as she keeps on receiving written and voice messages threatening her very existence for opening her mouth too wide about her amorous relationship with Mahama.

The C-rated actress, in recent social media videos, has opened what appears to be a can of worms regarding her affair with the former president of Ghana.

The catchphrase, ‘Papa No’, which has become the most trending issue is believed to be referring to Mr. Mahama who became a subject of that duel between Tracey Boakye and MzBel.

According to a watertight source from her camp, the Kumawood actress has also been receiving calls from strange persons threatening to deal with her for disgracing Mahama with her indiscreet behaviour.

Tracey, the source indicates, has left her plushy East Legon mansion and is staying with a family friend for fear of losing her life.

She is unable to go back to Kumasi, the source indicates, for fear of being summoned before the traditional leaders of her hometown for putting the town and region into shame following her disgraceful conduct.

It is unclear if she will leave all other social media platforms as a result of these threats she has been receiving from members of her political party, the National Democratic Congress.


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