“Total Rubbish” & “Childish” – Social Media Reacts To Minority’s SONA Boycott

Social Media is buzzing with revolting comments after the minority in parliament staged a walkout in protest of their unpaid District Assembly Common Fund the moment President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was about to address the state.

This according to many social media users is “total rubbish” and “childish” for the opposition to react in such a move.

“Are we serious as citizens? Lawmakers reacting in this manner as a country with this attitude I don’t think we can really be greater and or better until we change and renew our minds #SOTNGhana.” A Facebook user posted.

Another user said “MPs Common Fund unpaid for few months and so you boycott SONA. Do you know how many months some teachers & others are owed? Childish.”

“Total rubbish, grown up men behaving like kids.” A twitter user twitted.

“See our parliamentarians are playing with our mind…it’s sad 21st century democracy and this is happening #SOTNGhana”

“The attitude of the Minority by boycotting the #SONA2020 is below belt and not encouraged. I do hope that the media punish them by not giving them a chance to debate it on their stations… If they couldn’t sit in the chamber to listen, then their opinions don’t matter #SOTNGhana”

Minority’s Reason For Boycotting SONA 2020

The members of the minority side earlier expressed frustration about the delay of their share of the Common Fund for the third quarter of 2019, as they say it is delaying the execution of projects in their constituencies.

According to them, the delay is a deliberate attempt to deprive them of working effectively and consequently competing fairly with their opponents, especially when the general election is some months away.

Source: King Edward Ambrose Washman Addo/Peacefmonline.com/Ghana


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