THROWBACK : Don’t Elect Scandal-Prone Mahama To Lead Us Again ~ Alabi Charges NDC Delegates

The cracks within the opposition National Democratic Congress seems to be deepening with each passing day as party bigwigs continue to cast innuendos against one another.

Professor Joshua Alabi has once again taken John Mahama to the cleaners in an interview he granted to StarrFM. According to the former lecturer, the disastrous consequences that would arise out of electing Mahama to lead the party into the next elections would be unbearable. He has therefore, charged them not to elect any scandal-prone person to lead the party into the next polls.

Referencing the scandalous contract the Mahama regime gifted to Roland Agambire’s Sibton Switch Systems as a major point that could keep the party in hibernation, Mr Alabi advised the delegates to elect him instead of ex-president Mahama to hold the flag of the party into elections 2020.

“It is worrying that in the last few days, the NDC, a party previously noted for its integrity ,is suffering from unending assault in the matter of the shocking cost of the Mobile Money  Interoperability Payment System under the last government.

The last NDC government misconducted itself on many issues. Such gross misconduct, supervised by leaders desirous of leading us again portends danger for our destruction. The NDC machinery cannot carry their boxes of scandals. Such people should be dispensed with.

It is for this reason and many others, that I offer myself to lead our great party and to redeem our tarnished image in the eyes of right thinking Ghanaians. I have an unblemished record of public life. I am morally strong and intellectually ready to battle anybody from the NPP side of the divide.

We must avoid electing scandal-prone leaders else we risk sinking  below the 44%” Professor Alabi cautioned.

Professor Joshua Alabi has been very vocal in his bid to woo the delegates of the party to propel him to the top as 2020 looms large. It is his belief that any move to make Mahama the party’s candidate would portend a very bad omen for the fortunes of the party in future elections. It explains his strenuous efforts to appeal to the party delegates to give him the mantle of leadership to lead the party into the next elections.


Ben Duku


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