Thousands Of Free SHS Graduates Storm Streets With Placards In Prestea; All Movement Ceased


Hundreds of thousands of Free SHS graduates in Aboso in the Prestea Huni Valley Constituency have organised a massive health walk to appreciate president Akufo Addo for the introduction of Free SHS policy and managing it well for them to finish with such a magnificent results.

The huge crowd of students took over all the principal streets of Huni Valley Constituency to show their undying appreciation and support for the future of Free SHS policy together with their Member of Parliament and Minister for Tourism Arts and Culture Hon. Lawyer Barbara Oteng- Gyasi

These graduands were of the firm believe that his excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo deserve more from Ghanaians for how he has fulfilled his promise to make the Free SHS policy an unprecedented policy in the history of Ghana education. They assured president Akufo Addo and the member of parliament for Huni Valley Constituency that Ghanaians and their parents will give Akufo Addo government another mandate to continue their good works so that they can get tertiary education too for free one day

These young graduates expressed their gratitude to their Member of parliament, Hon Barbara for the good works she has done for their Constituency and her support for the free SHS making sure the Constituency never misses a single cake from the national level. They also thanked the member of parliament for organising free vacation classes for them during the lockdown

Director of communications for the New Patriotic Party in the Prestea Huni Valley Constituency Felix Kwame Quainoo who addressed the charged and vibrant graduates said that the government of the New Patriotic Party pride themselves with their policies like the Free SHS policy, nation builders Corp, planting for food and Jobs, restoration of teachers and nursing trainee allowance and more are aimed at providing a comfortable life to the Ghanaian. He also urged the students who are of the voting age to come out on December 7 in the numbers to endorse president Akufo Addo and their member of parliament Mrs Barbara Oteng Gyasi for more development in Prestea Huni Valley Constituency


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