The whole Nation should pray fervently for H.E. John Mahama


June 29, 2018


The whole Nation should pray fervently for H.E. John Mahama

1. John Mahama served under Prof. Mills as Vice-President and Prof. Mills died on the seat under strange circumstance.

2. Amissah-Arthur served as Vice-President under John Mahama and he has died prematurely under strange circumstance.

3. Both Prof. Mills and Amissah-Arthur are from the Fante Caucus of NDC, Central Region.

4. Prof. Mills died 6 months later he was elected 2012 Presidential Candidate of NDC paving way for John Mahama.

5. It is left with exactly 6 months to elect John Mahama as the 2020 Presidential Candidate of the NDC and his Vice, Amissah-Arthur too is dead.

6. Two years into the 2016 general election, John Mahama appointed Charlotte Osei as EC Chairperson and miserably lost the 2016 general election.

7. Two years into the 2020 general election and John Mahama’s Charlotte Osei has been removed. Miserable Defeat awaits John Mahama in 2020


These are indeed trying moments for John Mahama and NDC.

Razak Kojo Opoku
(CVM Founder and President)


Mr Kelly Brown Author

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    • So you call this news? when you don’t have anything to report on please do readers a favour by not just putting anything on the net. Death is natural and inevitable, things are also bound to happen coincidentally. Don’t let us waste our credit.

    • The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. You don’t pretend to fear God .. despite the heaven is far from earth doesn’t close the eyes of God for seeing Us. let those who are working in evil help themselves.. very soon Gid shall end their plan…. God His people

    • What type of useless analysis is this? JDM will never die. But we the fatse’s will not serve in this country again.

    • There is utterly no sense in this piece and I wonder where his senses were at the time of this publication.

    • Sometimes I wonder how people like you will waste our time to churn out such falsehoods. Pretending to care, while it is clear that you are afraid of him. Are you God? We don’t need such. Keep it to yourself.

    • Write your comment here…what kind stupid and useless analysis is dat are u a donkey or pig . fool.

    • Write your comment here…

      What kind of mischief is this?
      If you have nothing to write about just be quiet and be a spectator.


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