The Unethicality of the Ghana Judiciary and the Law Enforce Agents is Dangerously Retarding the Progress of Ghana


This is the moment of truth. This is the moment of tell it all. And, this is the moment of calling a spade a spade. If Ghanaians collectively aspire to achieve sound development for themselves as a nation and a people, having learnt and continue to learn bitter lessons from the ongoing outbreak of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, then now is the moment to be very serious in holding our institutions accountable. For without strong and responsible institutions, Ghana will be going in circles wobbling in poverty, denigration, committal of crimes by certain people with impunity, and domination of injuriously baneful official corruption to finally relegate the people to subhuman status quo.

I quite remember when then President of the United States of America, His Excellency Barack Obama, came to Ghana and in his address to the nation at Ghana Parliament, advised the nation to build strong institutions, many Ghanaians might not have grasped his well-intended message. In later years, I heard many a Ghana say that although Barack Obama was a black man, he did not help Africans in any way unlike his predecessor white President George W. Bush Jnr. who gave money to African countries.

The Ghanaian or the African sees only money, and craves for material wealth but not knowledge through useful advice. Ghana could have got more money than what George Bush gave to us if we had heeded Obama’s advice to build strong institutions rather than having strong men who end up embezzling the nation’s funds and assets with impunity to deprive the nation of the needed funds to carry out developments.

Going back to my topic for the day, “The unethicality of the Ghana Judiciary and the Law Enforcement Agents is dangerously retarding the progress of Ghana”, let me first define what ethics or ethicality is. Ethics or Ethicality is defined by the dictionary as “being in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice, especially the standards of a profession” while Unethicality is defined as “lacking moral principles; unwilling to adhere to proper rules of conduct; not in accord with the standards of a profession”

The Ghana Judiciary which is the third arm of government responsible for interpreting the laws of the land have oftentimes, and in the eyes of many a Ghanaian, proven themselves disgracefully unethical hence tagged as corrupt. How often had the Chief Justices not bemoaned the corruption within the judicial system as is orchestrated by the staff, i.e. court registrars, clerks and bailiffs, and some judges?

Some judges have been known to base their court pronouncements of rulings on inducements they are offered but not on the available credible facts and evidence laid before them. Is it how they were trained to do? Is it what the laws tell them to do? This is shameful and irresponsible of them. By this despicable and criminal behaviour by them, some hardened criminals have indirectly been given the free licence to perform their trade with impunity why because they can buy their way out when caught and arraigned for prosecution.

There are times that the police have claimed to be discouraged of arresting and putting criminals before the courts because the judges often just set the criminals free. I don’t think this is based on the fact of there not being enough evidence but because of their quest to engage in nefarious deals of selling justice to the highest bidder. This has been proved by Anas Aremeyaw Anas, although I disagree with his modus operandi.

How many times have court registrars not been heard of hiding, removing, destroying or letting miraculously disappear, vital documents, from some litigants’ files or dockets in the courts’ custody?

If judges and judicial staff ceased to behave unethically, there would be less crimes in the nation for the government to have more money to develop the nation for the collective betterment of all. However, for the ridiculous attitudes by some of our nation’s judges and the judicial staff, some people are emboldened to steal and commit all sorts of crimes with impunity. If Ghana judges were more ethical like their counterparts in the civilized western countries, the rate of official corruption in Ghana will have greatly reduced, however, as corrupt and unethical as they are, Ghana is bleeding financially with her pains exacerbated by Covid-19.

On the Law Enforcement Agents, principally the police and the military, especially the police, their infatuation with corruption, collecting bribes at any least opportunity they get, even using force as are seen on Ghana roads, is as equally disgusting, pernicious and unethical as those in the judicial system like the judges and court clerks.

It has on a number of occasions turned out that the law enforcements agents have disguised themselves to take to armed robbery or connived and condoned with armed robbers to go out to steal and be given their share of the booty. They are alleged to give tip offs to criminals when the criminals have been reported to the police for arrest, or parted with their uniform and weapons to the criminals to effectuate their crimes.

How can Ghana develop with the judges and police officers behaving selfishly, parochially and insatiably greedy, corrupt and remarkably unethical?

The ravaging Covid-19 with the apprehension of the Chinese descending on Ghana to re-colonise us to take us back into slavery has reinvigorated me to come out boldly to educate and lambast our irresponsible institutions by seeking to make them strong and responsible for the general good of all Ghanaians and the nation and by extension, to awake the deeply asleep and snoring Africans and their leaderships. This moment is not the time to continue to lazily fall asleep when we should be wide awake and on our feet fighting for our very survival by being innovative, self-reliant to some extent, and curtail our overly dependency on foreigners and foreign handouts.

I have not finished. I shall be back. Please forward this publication to all your friends and family members until it reaches the homes of every Ghanaian.

Lest I forget, when are all those suspected big time criminals on trial in Ghana be finally dealt with? I mean those who are alleged to have caused financial loss to the state. Is unnecessarily constantly deferring cases for years also part of the ethical expectations of the courts? If yes, how do you explain away the legal dictum, “Justice delayed is justice denied”, the Ghana judicial system?

Rockson Adofo

Sunday, 3 May 2020

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