THE OLD LADY IS OUR GEORGE FLOYD. Why Have We Gone Quiet On Her Suffering?


Why Have We Gone Quiet On Her Suffering?

Not long ago, many a patriotic African citizen was all over the place singing hymns of Pan-Africanism.

It was to vehemently protest against the inhumane treatment meted out to our African American brother, George Floyd. He had been choked to death by a white supremacist.

There was a groundswell of condemnations across the globe over the young man’s death. To the extent that millions across the globe defied the deadly nature of COVID-19 by hitting the streets, one doesn’t need to know that the world attached a greater level of seriousness to what happened to Floyd.

Our own Ernesto Yeboah, the Economic Freedom Fighters or something leader, was picked up for attempting to hold a vigil in support of George Floyd without authorization from the Police Service especially when COVID-19 was pummeling our country.

These were beautiful deifications of the heinous crime suffered by the African American. COVID-19 was damned for reasons not too difficult to ascertain.

Fast forward, an old lady, 90, a grandmother, a woman well advanced in years, suffers not only death but humiliation and these same Pan-Africanists have still not found their voices. She was lynched to death for being accused of being a witch.

Doesn’t she deserve the tears we had for Floyd? Floyd’s posthumous treatment ought to replicate itself in that of our woman. At least, let’s shed our hypocritical tears to show to the world that we are also devastated by the death of our mother and grandmother.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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