The NDC supporters are smiling as huge numbers trickle in from the Ketu South “world bank”.


The NDC supporters are smiling as huge numbers trickle in from the Ketu South “world bank”.

The Ketu South Constituency has a total of 254 polling stations. So far, about 203 of these polling stations have been covered over the four week period of registration.

With these 203 polling stations covered, a total of 110,000 voters have been registered by the Electoral Commission.

This means that 51 polling stations are yet to be covered in the coming days.

Let’s do a simple but crude analysis. The total number of registered voters for 2016 general election in the Ketu South Constituency was around 149,000.

With 51 more polling stations to go, it is highly likely that the 2016 figure of 149,000 will be exceeded by large margins at the end of the registration exercise.

There is no doubt that in addition to a mop up and limited registration, the Ketu South Constituency will once again emerge as one of the largest constituencies in Ghana.

With this fact established, the question being asked is: where are the Togolese?

Concerns about voter suppression have been raised by the National Democratic Congress at the beginning of the ongoing registration exercise.

The Ketu South Constituency which is tagged as the world Bank of the largest opposition party was evaded by the military from the Ghana armed forces whose role we were told was to prevent Togolese from crossing our boarder to register.

The ruling New Patriotic Party hold the view that the large number of voters from the Ketu South Constituency over the years is as a result of Togolese registering in the area.

This allegation has been refuted by the National Democratic Congress and more recently, the the Paramount Chief of the Aflao Traditional Area, Torgbui Fiti Amenya V.

The rsults of the ongoing registration exercise will perhaps bring an end to this debate and a lasting solution to the matter.


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