By Reindolf Amankwa

In these very challenging moments of the world being hit by the novel Coronavirus which is declared a pandemic and claiming many precious lives, I’ve dared myself not to engage in any discussions or debates that seeks to justify political colours.

No matter how hard I’ve tried to desist from and resist any attempts to doing politics in these crying times, my pen has been constantly incited by some leading personalities from the ‘Akatamanso’ fraternity.

On the one hand, MP Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa argued and continue to argue without regret and remorsefulness that President Akufo-Addo should be crucified over the increasing number of Coronavirus recorded cases in Ghana. He further defends his case of evacuation of Ghanaian students studying in China back home, that recommendation which would have brought total chaos and wiping out of the entire Ghanaian population from our land.

He disclaims that, Italy’s predicament does not stem from the evacuation of their students and other citizens from Wuhan and other parts of China back home. His posture is however an incidence of shame, disgrace and dishonourable damage control. We all know what evacuation measures were put in place by Italy and USA yet the end result have been far too devastating.

This MP, goes ahead to state emphatically that the president of the republic has done nothing worthy of praise in the fight against Coronavirus though he accepts that citizens should support the fight against the virus. His wild assertions, made on the PanAfrican TV Talk Show hosted by the ever pretentious so-called ‘neutral journalist’ Kwesi Pratt was only but a show of gross unpatriotic citizenship.

Ras Mubarak on the other hand argues that, the lockdown of some parts of the Greater Accra and Greater Kumasi Metropolis was unnecessary if not wicked. He argues that, head porters, known in Ghana as Kayayei do not have places to sleep except the streets and at best in front of other people’s shops. Accepted. But then, is he not that same MP who joined his minority cohorts in parliament to mock, insult and strongly demonstrate unacceptance of the President’s initiative to house these head porters in a hostel which will be built by government for such purposes?

For what reason and with what logic does the NDC make mockery of, debate against and reject an idea of putting up a hostel to house these homeless head porters in Accra, Kumasi and other metropolis yet pretend fast forward to be speaking for them when a pandemic like Coronavirus has had to bring a lockdown as the only alternative left for us now to curb its spread?

The once highly respected Hon. Haruna Iddrisu has also joined in these poor actions of statesmanship. For Asiedu Nketiah the General Mosquito, we need not waste time on his usual comic relieves. Kwabena Mintah Akandoh “the SHS Science Student” who has found himself in a so-called NDC COVID-19 Response Team is definitely short of ideas so he could be pardoned. Bawah Mogtari speaks for flagbearer John Dramani Mahama so could equally be excused for not having a mind of her own but of John Mahama.

These times are not for politics. It is for a reconciliation of interests to fight a common unseen enemy, COVID-19. If the foes from the NDC, especially those mentioned above do not have anything better to offer, they should reckon the need to keep quiet on grounds of patriotism, nationalism and the protection of their little left sociopolitical reputation.

All forms of partisan political interests should be relegated to the background. What shall it profit Ghana if we keep doing politics in these times only to be wiped off our land by this plaque? Together we must fight the unknown enemy.

Reindolf Amankwa
Member, CTI-Middle Belt


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