If the leadership of the opposition NDC in the Effutu Constituency saw the party to be not endearing to the masses and deemed it fit to dust down the debris and unwanted weeds therein, a green-eyed monster in the shape of James Kofi Annan was not the ideal face the party needed.

If the party found its democratically elected parliamentary candidate in the person of Lawyer Yankson to be unfit for purpose, James Kofi Annan was not the high man on the totem pole to lead them.

Suffice it to say that James Kofi Annan who claimed to be a member of the NPP in the initial stages with nothing to show for his membership of same, saw it more than a herculean task fighting Honourable Alexander Afenyo-Markin.

He thus, established the defunct Winneba is King group, a ramshackle vehicle that was far from getting indigenes of Effutu falling heedlessly in love with him.

Like a worm, he had to snake himself into a bigger group in order to get the needed recognition. He managed to woo some gullible elements within the leadership of the NDC to oust Victor Yankson from his position in order for him to fill the vacuum.

Well, they fell for his treacherous moves and antics and forced Victor Yankson to abandon his quest to lead the party into the 2020 elections.

His elevation to the PC position of the NDC, in an ideal situation, should have shored up the fortunes of the NDC in Effutu. Rather, the party’s fortunes have dwindled and keep sinking at an alarming rate.

His stealing case at the court coupled with the divisions he has brought to the NDC in Effutu have sent the party in a reverse gear.

With hopes of making any meaningful impacts in the elections drowning by the minute, this chameleon of a political activist has resorted to violence.

He has sponsored thugs to cause mayhem in registration centres and helped them to run away when the arm of the law was reaching out to them.

The spate of violence skirmishes being witnessed in Effutu is unprecedented in the political history of Effutu.

It is typical of failures and people who see defeat to be imminent to rely on violence and intimidation to up their chances. What he forgets is that a dog, no matter how loud it can bark, it cannot compete with the lion in any race. If the NDC in Effutu thought they had a candidate in this half-baked politician, then they have no candidate because the lion has not only tamed it but chained it as well.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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