Its good to know how well you (MTN) want your customers to be treated hence to maintain your dominance in the Telecom industry in Ghana. Your efforts are well applauded and recommendable. That been said I hope we are privy to the two types of customers: external customers and internal customers (your workers, associates and basically the workers under your umbrella). For some reasons, I will only touch on your call centre which you outsourced to ISON Xperiences formerly known as ISON BPO.

In as much as it has been outsourced, I hope MTN has an oversight responsibility on how it operates. I also hope its operation does not only seek the well-being of only MTN’s external customers but also the Internal customers (associates or agents picking calls). Am asking because of the ill treatment these associates who in one way or the other are upholding the brand image of MTN as well as maintaining the customer base and educating the customer even on issues that are not MTN related. So if there is an oversight responsibility, are these ill treatments noticed or MTN has turned a blind eye. The subsequent paragraphs will highlight some of the ill treatments these associates who are all graduates endure just because there are no jobs, the systems are not working and the existence of cheap labour.

Do you know that ISON Xperiences pays less than 900Ghana cedis to its agents whose work load is so enormous and at the end of the month when you meet all their parameters (KPI’s) in a grading order, the incentives added are A is 70 cedis, B is 45 cedis and C is 30 cedis. Meaning at the end of the month the highest incentive you get is 70 cedis. One may ask what are the parameters; 8 hours of work everyday (with break is 9 hours), average number of calls to answer in a day is 185calls, AHT means the minutes you spend talking to a customer: so at the end of the month when the AHT is checked it should not exceed 133 seconds. With respect to attendance, u don’t have to be absent except on your off days but if for medical reason, excuse duty (sick leave) must be provided (interestingly if the excuse duty exceeds a day, its regarded as absent so u will forfeit any of the incentive). These are some of the parameters out of ten (10) parameters in all. Interestingly there is truancy as a parameter as well as attendance so when you are absent from work, its affects both attendance and truancy. I will dive deeper into the parameters in other thesis later.

MTN wants their customers to be wowed but the question is the company wowing its internal customers? Its good for the external customer to experience a good customer care but what about the person you expect to radiate that experience. What mechanisms have you put in place to monitor the company you have outsourced the work to with respect to how they treat their workers. A hungry is an angry man irrespective of the man’s occupation or training. Associates of ISON Xperiences do not have any say in anything going on in the firm and if you voice any grievance out, quickly you are victimized and sacked with fleecy excuse. Outside the poor salary given, communication between management at any level and associate is very very appalling. There is no counselling office to deal with the emotions of associates when verbally abused by both internal and external customers.

After been verbally abused even by any superior, you expected to return to answer calls with a smiling tone. Associates work as if they are robots at gun point yet expected to wow the customers when the associates themselves have no wow experience in them.

Apart from the menial incentive given to associates, they do not receive airtime nor data to motivate them although they are working for a Telecom firm. Associates do not even get any paraphernalia or souvenirs of MTN yet its the company the associates seek to uplift but they do not benefit from them. But when the associate errs, hell is open loose on them. You work for a company yet you don’t benefit from them in any form. Whiles associates under MTN are really enjoying, associates under ISON Xperiences are starving though they are doing all the work. I wonder if surveys conducted by MTN are scrutinized and considered when done on ISON. Associates under ISON work with ill feelings because you can not voice out, they are compelled to work under such unpleasant conditions because the systems in this country are not working and there are no jobs. Such a big country like Ghana is allowing people to misuse its human resource.

This is just the beginning of other revelations that will be surfacing soon about ISON Xperiences the Call Centre Mangers of MTN Ghana. In the next revelations, will touch on the HRM this organization. God help us all.


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