Why should a former president of the Republic speak like a terrorist. I see John Mahama’s comment as treacherous and danger to our democracy. The air around the former president clearly depicts that, he is truly disappointed in his own party men and women and he John Mahama has also lost touch on the ground and now throwing away the little or no immunity left for him as a statemanship to the dogs.

At least, John Mahama should have looked at the two former Heads of State ie John Agyekum Kufuour and Jerry John Rawlings and give respect to the office, he John Mahama once occupied. Mr Mahama, why should heaven break lose because of Voters Register?

It’s very, very pathetic for a whole former president to say that, there would be anarchy, chaos and pandemonium if the Electoral Commission goes ahead to compile a new credible Biometric Register.

The question is, what has changed? and why should the former president throw away his statemanship and join the bandwagon to sing a war song? Why should a man who has occupied the highest office of the land begin to exhibit his warmongering attitude in such an arrogant manner.

Was John Mahama reminding Ghanaians that, he has finished rehearsing for his boot for boot drills?

Has John Mahama forgotten what the constitution says in Article 45 & 46 about the EC’s mandate? and that, the EC is not subject to the whims and caprices of any individual or institutions?

Was John Mahama intoxicated before passing such a heinous comment? In fact, I was so disappointed after listening and watching the video below.

Am humbly calling on all the stakeholders ie Peace Council, the Civil Society Organizations, chiefs, the CID and all meaning Ghanaian to condemn his utterance in no uncertain terms. The Peace Council must quickly invite John Mahama to their outfit and also the CID should take not take his comments for granted in times like.

Ghana belongs to all of us, we must also allow the State Institutions to perform their constitutionally mandated dutie(s). John Mahama is a wounded dog ready to bite. No wonder he met the Diploma Corps and lied to them with his concocted and fabricated videos of Ayawaso Wuogon and forgetting the Atiwa, Talensi, Amanfi West, Chereponi etc.

If John Mahama has alterior motive(s) about the 2020 December 7 polls then, Ghanaians are assuring him and his NDC to bury them if not they would be crushed.

Thank you.