I really don’t know how some people think at-all. How would any right thinking lawyer expect that a court in Ghana should stop the NIA registration, just because of the COVID-19 outbreak? Do the courts in Ghana work for the Ghana Medical Association or they based on fear and panic?

I totally agree with the High Court’s decision to dismiss the application submitted by people to stop Ghana Card registration in Eastern Region.

In my view, I think the EC also should not have postponed the start of the voters register compilation. All the EC needs to do is to provide sanitizers and veronica buckets at each polling station, so that, before one moves to register at the polling centre and for the fingers biometric data to be captured, the person’s hands are washed and soaked in sanitizer, and the machines are also sanitized intermittently. This is doable and must be done. Everything in the country cannot come to standstill. Life must move on even as we protect ourselves from direct contacts and keeping ourselves saved.

The fact is, the probability of people hugging and shaking hands at funerals, parties, churches, weddings and mass social gatherings are very high and therefore the President’s directives to stop all such gatherings is perfectly right, but can never be compared to the few individuals queueing to register for an NIA card or voters card.

Analysing this, with over 39,000 polling stations in Ghana, which the registration would take place at all polling centres, as the EC made us aware, that the main aim of increasing the polling stations in Ghana to the 39,000 was to have an average of 700 people registered per polling station.

This average number, 700 people at each polling station, per the EC’s program, are going to be registered within a month or 40 days, meaning they are not coming out to register in one day. That means that, an average of 23 people would be registered at each polling station per day for 40 days.

With average of 23 people being registered per day, I do not think that also contravenes the social distance directives issued by the President of Ghana.

However, if the situation was be like the election day, whereby all the 700 people average would come out to vote within a specified hours, then we can debate that as an issue. Even with that, the provision of sanitizers and veronica buckets at each polling centre to wash hands, sanitised before the person moves to check their names and cast their vote, all within a confined space, should not pose much problem. Ideally, once you vote, you leave the place!!

Notwithstanding, we all know that this is a dangerous scary pandemic, the disease has no respect for anyone including the Prime Ministers, Prince and Princess, however, the of some people purposely seeking to create fear and panic like what a section of politicians in Ghana sought to do, can also have its own dire consequences on so many things going forward, and the future of our country would be at stake.

So far, the genius bold measures put in place by the President of Ghana and the information made available to Ghanaians about the pandemic, for all to take good care of each self, have really worked. In situation like this, is when we see good leadership in place like we in President Akufo-Addo.

I am positive that this situation too shall also pass, we will survive it. His merciful healing power shall continue to deliver us all. For am persuaded that the merciful Lord shall offer our leaders the solution in time soon.

Yes, the scientists have tried all, the medical experts are perplexed with situation, the men of God have lost hope in their prayers, the strong countries are sounding helpless, the rich can’t protect their families and loved ones anymore, the poor have nowhere to turn to; but there’s one thing that we all subscribe to: that, may the Loving Almighty God, have mercy upon us all.

Let’s have faith, even when all hope seems vanished, am sure He would show up to save us. The solution will soon come!!

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