The devil is in the detail: Why Joseph Esso’s demands are unrealistic – Happy Ghana


On Friday, 7 August 2020, the Phobian world was thrown into a state of shock after the management of the club announced that it had parted ways with star player Joseph Esso and four others.

Some names on the list such as Bernard Arthur, Christopher Bonney and Benjamin Agyare were expected due to poor performance or simply lack of playing time.

However one inclusion to this rather infamous list is the name of poster boy Joseph Esso.

Esso has been an integral part of the Accra Hearts of Oak team since his arrival from Ghana Premier League side, Ebusua Dwarfs, three seasons ago.

He joined the Phobians with a huge pedigree having scored nine goals and 10 assists for the mysterious Boys.

The outrage by the club’s supporters is understandable considering the investment made in him and his passion anytime he wears the club’s jersey but what about the cold facts, his number.

The numbers they say do not lie, In his first season he scored only three goals in 13 games, in his second season he scored four in 15 games in the Normalisation Committee tournament and in the just canceled league he scored three goals in 14 league matches for the club.

In all, Esso scored 10 goals in 42 competitive matches in three seasons for the club.

Please note that the player is yet to complete a full Premier League season for Hearts through no fault of his despite the club paying him 100, 000 cedis as his signing on fee.

The devil indeed is in the detail, it high time the outraging supporters put their emotions aside and look at the cold facts if indeed the player is worth 50,000 a year and 4,000 a month salary.

Facts are scared, comment is free, Phobiaaaa never say die.


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