The Criminalities by Nigerians in Ghana are Very Worrying and Getting out of Control


One wonders why Nigerians find it genial to involve themselves in criminal activities in any country that they go to. As the white contemporaries are building things of common benefit for the survival and sustainability of humanity on earth, Nigerians of all black people, always relish in dismantling what has been built. By being criminally destroyers, they think in their warped minds to be great.

Nigerians think being criminal makes them one inch taller than other black people from other African countries. Although it is not all Nigerians that are criminals, it seems to becoming the character of many a Nigerian. They see themselves as smart when doing fraudulent activities.

For some time now, Nigerians have been flocking into Ghana in their multitudes to live there. Ghanaians have been welcoming them with open arms. However, every now and then, you will see the Nigerians engaging themselves in illegal activities. They are engaging in armed robberies, kidnappings, cybercrimes, printing and distribution of fake currencies as well as smuggling into the country fake foreign currencies. All these activities by the Nigerians living in Ghana are not only damaging Ghana’s economy but also, compromising the safety, protection and security of the Ghanaian citizenry as well as creating bad name for the country.

Find below two out of the many instances when Nigerians are caught engaged in criminal activities in Ghana. They are making their presence in Ghana become an eyesore to finally culminate in their expulsion from the country should they not refrain from their heinous activities. I see them to be pushing our back to the wall to call for reaction.

Nigerians attempted to smuggle fake dollars into Ghana(2)

No Ghanaian living in Nigeria since the early 1970s would dare do with bravado the crimes that the Nigerians in Ghana are doing with impunity. Any Ghanaian doing that would be killed within a second of their activity coming to the knowledge of the ordinary Nigerians, let alone, their police or security functionaries.

I pray that the Nigerians living in Ghana will engage themselves in lucrative businesses beneficial to themselves and the nation or else, they must be sent back to their native country regardless of the ECOWAS treaty or protocols.

It is annoying that wherever the Nigerians go, they exhibit their deplorable characters.

Any Ghanaian who finds any Nigerian doing criminal things must please report them for arrest. They are becoming nuisance with each passing day. They are a blemish on the image of Africa. I remember how they molested and killed many innocent Ghanaians in Nigeria in the 1980s, although the Ghanaians were going about their normal legal activities.

Enough is enough with their shameless infatuation with criminal activities.

Rockson Adofo


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