By: Alfred Ababio Kumi (AdentaKumi)

This year’s elections is going to be first of its kind where the candidates of the two major political parties have all had the opportunity to serve the Ghanaian populace in their capacity as Presidents of the Republic.

It is along this preamble, that, we have every right to make a comparison of both candidates, their competence level and their credibility which qualifies them for the vote of the Ghanaian.

The NPP led by His Excellency Akufo-Addo which is the ruling party has gathered some great loins of achievements to taut themselves with, unlike the NDC led by John Mahama which since 2016 has been an incompetent and corrupt government.

Today, my focus lies on the subject of Manifesto. A Manifesto is a policy and programme document of promises of developments to be made by a party when voted into office. That is the only document that can hold a party accountable to its electorates on what it has done since being elected.

The NPP during it’s recent town hall meeting and the just recent excellent launching of its 2020 manifesto took time to account for it’s stewardship and promises from 2016 and the fulfillment thereof.

However, right after the manifesto launching of the NPP, our friends on the other side, the NDC spent quality time in doing what they do best, propaganda and fault finding.
Amazingly, at a point, It almost felt like the NDC were angels who have ruled the country and just decided to hand over the country to the NPP. The act of sinless perfection was so visible in their submissions, however, I leave them to their fate and the propaganda they are so good at doing.

Nevertheless, I also sort to find the Manifesto of the NDC to see whether indeed, their manifesto portrays an angelic sign of governance and guess what, I found none. Isn’t it interesting?

A serious opposition party in less than 100 days to elections does not and have not even projected a single policy to be implemented if voted for in the December polls not to mention of a manifesto.

A quick check proves that, prior to the launch of the manifesto of the NPP in 2016, it had almost flooded the streets of this country with its social intervention programmes when voted into office that it became the order of the day. More popular than even the campaign of the then ruling party NDC. This is a typical sign of a serious, competent opposition party poised to be voted for to govern the country in the right direction.

As at now, not a single competent programme of the opposition has taken the political space of this country, the best the NDC is doing is reigning insults on the President, creating propaganda out of every promise in the NPP manifesto even though they haven’t brought out one…

In 2016, when Candidate Akufo-Addo commented on the incompetent governance of President Mahama, president Mahama arrogantly stated that, only those who have ever been presidents should be able to criticize him and that the candidate Akufo-Addo has no moral right to criticize him because he hadn’t ever been president.
Today, NDC including Former President Mahama criticize government and no one has a problem.

If we’re focusing on track record & stressing on issues for this elections, I would state emphatically that the NDC is not serious, it’s indecisive and clearly not ready for power. If we mistakenly vote for them, they would mess up the good foundation President Akufo-Addo has laid.

Perhaps, what I heard prior to NPP’s manifesto launch that the NDC were set to launch theirs on the 31st of August, 2020 was just a rumour. However, i believe it wasn’t a rumor but the truth. Just a few days after the NPP had launched their manifesto, NDC postponed their manifesto launch indefinitely with the most outrageous reason that, the document has now been given formal approval by Former President Mahama and that it was now going to be handed over to the party’s manifesto committee. This was said this week by the Party’s Communications Director(Sammy Gyamfi).
Come to think of it, so they haven’t finished the preparation process and they announced the date to launch? THIS IS GROSS, INCOMPETENCE…

Anyways, I’m not surprised at all, because incompetence is and has always been their nature.

However, I wish they can answer these questions for the well meaning Ghanaians. Could this mean that what
has been said about them that the NDC doesn’t have a campaign message for 2020 is true? OR!
Could it be that, they are not done with photocopying the manifesto of the NPP which is something they are perfect at doing?
Could it also be that, the NPP’s manifesto has taken them by surprise and has addressed all the challenges of the country to the extent that, a repetition in theirs would create a problem for them else they won’t have any message to write about?

The NDC should come out clearly on this and stop keeping Ghanaians in high hopes.

Their position as an indecisive, incompetent and unserious party is in no doubt and Ghana can’t be thrown into their hands, they would destroy it within 2 months.

We can’t afford to do this to our beloved country, fellow Ghanaians, Aluta continua to His Excellency Akufo-Addo.




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