Bawumia’s latest masterpiece is his Adwoa story, which has dominated his campaign tours in the run up to the 2020 elections in December. Here it goes:

A certain beautiful, hardworking Adwoa was talked into marriage by a sweet-talking man who promised to do everything for her.

However, as soon as the man succeeded in marrying Adwoa, he started complaining of no money and he reneged on his promises, and failed to provide even basic family support such as feeding, medicare, allowances, school fees and also failed to pay their electricity bills, leading to disconnection (dumsor ) for about 5 years.

Unable to further contain the disappointment and suffering, Adwoa decided to quit the marriage and returned to her parents.

Fortunately for Adwoa, another man; bold, hardworking, resourceful and with good financial management skills, sought her hand in marriage and promised to take very good care of she and her children.

Adwoa agreed to marry the new man, and true to his promise, he proved very responsible and provided Adwoa’s needs, including providing (pocket money) allowances to her children.

As Adwoa reveled in her happy marriage with her new, responsible husband, her former husband, whom she divorced for being irresponsible and taking her through hell, showed up and asked Adwoa to marry him again because he had learnt his lessons and he was a changed man.

If you were Adwoa, would you marry him again? and the audience would respond “no!”.

With a resonding “no” answer from the audience, Bawumia would then go on and tell them “when John Mahama comes here and tells you that you should give him another chance because he is a changed man, tell him that you have a new, responsible husband who is not just taking very good care of you but ensuring that your children remain in school as much as they have to and providing jobs for them . Tell him your new husband is Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and you’re not prepared to divorce and go back to hardships and disappointment.”

This is the story of Bawumia’s Adwaa, which has dominated Bawumia’s campaign tour.

It is pure genius, and a masterclass by the hard-hitting Bawumia.


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