The anti-new electoral register crew finds the cost involved in the exercise to be some holy grail that must form the basis upon which the decision to compile a new register should be aborted.

In their hypocrisy, they sidestep what transpired in 2016 which was more grievous and harp on what the EC has proposed to do now.

In 2016, the Charlotte Osei-led EC spent GHC480 million on a limited registration exercise. At the time, we had dearths in road infrastructure, hospitals, clinics, schools, markets, etc.

These saints of our time saw absolutely nothing wrong with that expenditure. They didn’t complain about the poor road networks then. They didn’t complain about the need to pay contractors then. As a matter of fact, Ghana was like a paradise at that time so we had no worries.

Jean Mensa and her team decide to overhaul the voter register to conform to best and modern practices and new technology. The existing software is antiquated, even the vendors have advised the EC to move on to a different and a far better biometric system.

The Electoral Commission is spending GHC440 million to compile a new and more improved biometric voters’ register. This, it must be emphasized, is lower than the GHC480 million spent by Charlotte Osei to conduct a mere limited registration exercise.

For some strange reasons, these sleepy hollows, these apostles of no new register, these highly ‘nationalistic’ folks would want us to believe that it is senseless expending GHC440 million on a totally new register, but it was good using GHC480 million on a limited registration exercise in the past!

All of a sudden, the beautiful paradise which used to exist under the previous regime has turned into a ‘Paradise Lost’. All the roads in Ghana were tarred under Mahama, we had more schools than we needed, we had no shortage of hospitals, markets were scattered across the country, but now they have all vanished into thin air.

We did not owe any contractor under Mahama in 2016 so the GHC480 million spent on the limited registration was a justifiable expenditure!

The NDC and their assigns should get serious. No one is buying into the baseless and hollow cost implication mantra. The new register will be compiled. It is high time Ghana got a more credible voters’ register.

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.

Mr Kelly Brown

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