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The Absurdity of today’s Ghanaian Youth for Quick Money and Sexual Gratification

Our forefathers are turning in their graves in total disappointment, weeping their eyes out at the disgraceful attitudes by their offspring.

While they toiled hard, wiping sweat off their foreheads to acquire and bequeath to us lands, immovable and movable properties, today’s youth will simply want to acquire wealth at the crack of their fingers without working hard for it.

This has given rise to the numerous stories or incidents of ritual killings and cybercrime, called in the Ghanaian local parlance as “sikaduro” or “sakawa” that we hear of happening on daily basis across the length and breadth of the country.

For the love of quick buck by the Ghanaian youth through rituals, some fellow Ghanaians are unfortunately allegedly abducted and killed with their body parts removed. Some supposedly noble, but completely silly, Ghanaians, end up sleeping in coffins, visiting the cemetery by night and even eating human excrement, thus faeces, all in their quest to acquire immense wealth without wiping off a single sweat from their forehead.

While their forebears wiped off beads of sweat, they don’t want to toil but would like to earn a billion fold of what their hardworking grandfathers and fathers earned. If it were not so, how would a nice guy in appearance, but dirty and stupid inside, eat faeces as seen in the video below?

Again, the modern day Ghanaian’s fondness for sexual intercourse leaves me completely aghast. About forty different types and names of sexual-enhancement bitters (herbal concoction) are documented in the country. These drugs, some originating from China, are advertised many times a day on our radio and television stations.

Now, because of this base quest by the Ghanaian to last longer in their sex life, they have allowed themselves to be baited by the Chinese to drink alcohol from bottles in which dead snakes are inserted. They call the drink, of which one tot is many times more expensive than the normal drink, “snake bitters”

The Chinese who are alleged to eat anything that moves and have no respect for human life and the environment, come to Ghana to exploit us to the hilt, have introduced this cutthroat drink to Ghana and the ignorant sexually-crazy Ghanaian idiots have fallen for it.

Watch the video below, please.

Ghanaians Drinking “Snake Bitters”

What if people start falling ill and dying for consuming the “snake bitters”, will they not blame the government for failing to protect the public by not legislating to stop the sale of the drinks from the outset? However, should the government come out to stop it, some people will seize it as a chance, and capitalise on it to castigate the government for being autocratic by restricting their freedom of consumption and freedom of libido. Madness, madness and madness, I say!

While our contemporary whites are ingeniously exploring the outer space, inventing and developing things for the enjoyment and sustenance of human life on earth, here are the Ghanaian men and women chasing sexual gratification like crazy fools.

Are Ghanaians right up in their mind/head? I have difficulty believing that Ghanaian youth are sound-minded. How can you eat faeces, drink snake bitters and kill your fellow Ghanaians for rituals and tell me you are not sick up in your head?

The Chinese are in Ghana spoiling our water bodies, polluting the air through illegal surface mining, spoiling our fertile lands and virgin forests yet, because of insane practise of politics, we are incapable of stopping them.

By our stupidity and ignorance, Ghanaians will forever be held bondage in our own land by foreigners but our corrupt leaders have the difficulty to think outside the box to foresee the adverse consequences of the actions of most of these foreigners on the present and the future generations to come.


The government must ban the sale of snake bitters throughout the country. The drink is foreign to us. The on-air advertising of easy means to acquire wealth through juju, thus voodoo, must be banned. Such advertising leads to people committing ritual killings and consuming faeces all of which do not augur well for the image of the nation and the safety of the people.

Stay tuned for more info from the writer, the fearless enviable voice for the voiceless son of Kumawu/Asiampa.

In the coming days, you will read updates from me on the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute. Until justice is declared based on facts and the credibility, permissibility and acceptability of the available evidence, the case is ongoing.

With God on our side coupled with more credible efforts being made, Ghana will succeed in her quest for socio-economic emancipation.

I dedicate this publication to the Ghanaian youth. They had better stop chasing illegal wealth and quick buck to end the ritual killings and the eating of human excrement.

Rockson Adofo

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Rockson Adofo


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