Testimonies, charms from Mama Gee are fake – Former client reveals

A former client of “Mama gee” who was arrested for unlawfully selling herbal drugs has come out to expose her.

According to this client {Name with held} all the testimonies from Mama Gee on her social media pages and the buzz around her charms are all fake.

She explained that Mama Gee chats with herself and screenshots such “amazing” testimonies which have pushed many young people into believing that she is indeed a genuine woman.

The former client also said, Mama Gee’s charms do not work as she wants the world to believe it does thereby warning others to stay from it.

The lady went further to reveal how Mama Gee has been scamming people by changing her names and blocking people who come out to expose her true character as a fraudster.

Read the message from Mama Gee’s former client

Mama Gee, the owner of Mama Gee Empire which sells the charms has been trending on social media for days now ever since a video of several women queued to buy from her shop went viral.

According to the reports, she sells herbal charms which makes men fall madly in love and obey the woman like a dog.

On Wednesday 11th July the Food Drugs Authority swooped in and arrested Mama Gee for selling concocted herbal medicine without a license. Her shop was equally locked up.

Already the list of Ghanaian female celebrities who used and advertised Mama Gee’s herbs are trending online.