Suspend Party members for cursing leadership over primaries – John Boadu


Mr John Boadu, the General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has called on some constituency executives of the Party to immediately suspend some of their members over misconduct.

The Party, he said, had observed rather worrying the conduct of some members claiming to be invoking curses on the Party’s Leadership and in particular, on members of National Executive Committee (NEC) over allegations that their preferred candidates were disqualified by NEC from contesting in the upcoming primaries.

The angry members, identified as delegates at the Juaben constituency in the Ashanti Region, slaughtered sheep and recited incantations to invoke curses on members of the Party hierarchy who contributed to the disqualification of their preferred candidate, Mr Francis Owusu-Akyaw, a mining consultant.

Mr Boadu said: “We are completely appalled by such gross misconduct. Accordingly, the Party is instructing the respective Constituency Executives in the Constituencies where this unfortunate incident happened, to immediately suspend all those involved in this awkward behaviour while instituting appropriate disciplinary actions against them in line with Article 3 and 4 of the Party Constitution.”

He made the call at a news conference organized by the Party on Monday in Accra to enlighten the public on the ‘Guidelines and Modalities towards the Party’s 2020 Parliamentary Primaries’ slated for June 20, 2020.

He believed inviting the powers of several deities to invoke curses on the Party was not the way to have their concerns addressed.

For his part, patriotic members of the Party ought to accept the Party’s decisions publicly and appeal or demonstrate to be heard if they had conflicting interests and not to resort to such inappropriate actions.

The General Secretary said the Security Service would ensure that individuals involved in the misconduct were made to face the full rigours of the law.

Mr Boadu explaining the offences for the election said it was an offence to vote or attempt to vote more than once at the primaries, buy or sell a vote, compel somebody to vote in a particular way, obstruct a delegate from freely exercising his or her right to vote, display a voter’s marked ballot paper in such a way as to make it known to others the candidate he or she voted for, and take a photo of how one voted in any particular way.

Candidates, he said, ought to campaign on issues and refrain from leveling unsubstantiated allegations, personal attacks, and vilifications against their opponents.

“No candidate shall undertake any activity that will polarize the Constituency along tribal, religious, and other factional lines. Candidates shall also require their supporters not to engage in any of these activities,” he advised.

He, therefore, encouraged all aspiring parliamentary candidates to adhere to the guidelines and modalities, saying, anyone who conducts him/herself in a manner that brings the Party’s name into disrepute shall be deemed to have breached Article 4(7) of the NPP constitution and will, accordingly, be sanctioned including being disqualified from contesting in the Primaries.


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