Support Ken Agyapong to expose fake pastor – Chief to Ghanaians


The Sanahen of Enyan Denkyira Traditional Area and also the Omankrado of Enyan Obontsir Oseadeaye Ayeboafo Attuafful I has urged Ghanaians to support the Member of Parliament for Assin Central Hon. Kennedy Agyapong to continue exposing fake Ghanaians pastors.

According to him, many such fake pastors are responsible for the breakdown of many marriages and continue to exploit unsuspecting congregants while they fake pastors enrich themselves.

“I am urging all Chiefs in the country to support the Member of Parliament on the fight to expose this fake Pastors. Nowadays these fake pastors are quick to label old peoples as witches and wizards which most of the time bring about unnecessary tension in families. People have killed their parents because these fake tell people their parents have bewitched them. In fact, it is a good step the MP has taken to help expose these charlatans in the country.

“During the 31st Watch Night service, no pastor predicted the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic. All that they know is making wild prophecies that they most often exaggerate. I urge him to expose all the fake Pastors in the country not only those that step on his feet alone he should do it without favoritism and tribalism. All fake pastors must be treated equally,” Oseadeaye Ayeboafo Attuafful I said at a press conference.


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