Stop turning away National service persons-Francis Adomako cautions institutional heads


Mr Francis Adomako, Ashanti Regional NPP organizer and educationist has cautioned heads of state and governmental institutions to desist from sending away service persons posted to their outfits to carry out their mandated national service.

According to the statistics lecturer, it is demeaning for persons who through no fault of theirs but have been posted to work to be treated in such manner.

Addressing the Asokwa version of the National Service Persons Awards and Dinner Dance over the weekend, Mr Adomako expressed worry about the ongoing situation.

He narrated that several persons have had to call his outfit to complain that they have been turned away from their duty post with the excuse that there are no spaces or offices to accommodate them.

‘’I urge all institutional heads to stop turning away legitimate persons who have been assigned to carry out their national service at the respective agencies, departments and outfits because it is mandatory that those who have been assigned do so at the outfits chosen’’, Mr Adomako cautioned.


Speaking with some passion, Mr Adomako said institutional heads should be innovative by creating offices or work schedules for persons posted to have their services carried out at their outfits.

He wondered how those occupying offices would have felt if they had had same experiences when they were due for their service.

Mr Adomako said there were avenues for every state or governmental department to find spaces for persons posted.

Apart from helping the service persons work on schedules, the educationist said many could be allowed to work at departments assigned to even if it would mean that persons would work half a day just to gain the desirable experiences.

‘’Every one of us need an experience to build on and therefore it is very necessary that every person who qualifies as a service person gets his or her selected office to work so as to gain that needed experience’’, Mr Adomako advised.



Calming the distressed personnel down, Mr Adomako encouraged them to take the momentary setbacks cool.

He said the NPP party knows the value of persons having opportunity to carry out their mandated service.

His outfit, he noted would be liaising with the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAS) and other state organizations to facilitate the service of persons who have passed out from universities and colleges.

‘’No one would be allowed to derail the efforts of government to ensure these graduates get the needed experiences for their future work life’’, Mr Adomako passionately stressed.


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