Stop Talking Nonsense, APJ Is No Research Think Tank Of NPP.


Stop Talking Nonsense, APJ Is No Research Think Tank Of NPP.

The history of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has tripartite roots. This has become known as the NPP Tradition; what we regard as the Danquah-Dombo-Busia tradition.

Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia, one of the founding legends of our party, the NPP, is a son of the Wenchi Constituency. These brief historical traces are enough prove that the Wenchi Constituency holds so much of importance in the historical affairs of the NPP.

Any act of misinformation, misrepresentation, negative propaganda and arrogance which seek to disintegrate the party’s fortunes should be met with strict disregard and disapproval. Such is what this article seeks to discredit, disapprove and call to be disregarded.

A group of contracted charlatans, calling themselves Action Patriots for Justice (APJ), operating from Techiman under the disguise of an NPP political think tank is gradually fracturing the Wenchi Constituency with bad media reportage. Such “nonsense”, respectfully, must stop.

Recently, in a communiqué released by this group of charlatans and some audio recordings by same, they attempted to intentionally assassinate the character, patriotic standing and history of some very revered persons of the Wenchi Constituency.

First was the attempt to mar the highly earned reputation of 83 year old Ante Ama Busia and her son Akwesi Agyemang Busia. Even at the highest hierarchical party level, Ante Ama Busia and her son Akwesi Agyemang Busia have written their names with the Red, White and Blue colours, having their umbilical cords deeply rooted in the foundation of the NPP.

Second was their intentional attempt to link parliamentary primaries aspirant Albert Ameyaw to a certain unmentioned NDC Alhaji, who per their reports was financing the campaign of the candidate mentioned above. As I earlier said, such “nonsense”, with all respect must stop.

Ante Ama Busia, his son Akwesi Agyemang Busia and aspirant Albert Ameyaw have no dealings with the NDC and will never have same with them. Their roots, as deeply connected to the very foundation of the New Patriotic Party remain unshaken, undiluted and undoubted.

Lest I forget to emphasize before I end that the NPP as a political party has not registered any research think tank with name Action Patriots for Justice (APJ). Same should therefore be disregarded and seen as one of the fronts created by the opposition NDC to cause mayhem and havoc in NPP especially in the Bono and Bono East regions. This time, they have been contracted to disintegrate the Wenchi Constituency ahead of our parliamentary primaries and we, as members and ardent believers of the Elephant’s Danquah-Dombo-Busia tradition must beware of their guile.

Kind Regards:
Thomas Aidoo (TS)
Member, NPP Wenchi Constituency.


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