Stay Off Dr China: Kwadaso Delegates Warn Dr Kingsley Nyarko


Stay Off Dr China: Kwadaso Delegates Warn Dr Kingsley Nyarko

Our attention has been drawn to a malicious article authored by the camp of Dr Kingsley Nyarko, with his active support, with the caption ‘Nuamah Using Dwamena as a stooge to ferment confusion in Kwadaso NPP Primaries’ and we wish to set the records straight whiles sending the strongest signals to Dr Nyarko and his team to stay off Dr Charles Dwamena, Ghana’s Deputy Ambassador to China and refrain from any acts that seek to tarnish his reputation.

We, friends of Dr Charles Dwamena aka Dr China, who are polling station executive members of the Kwadaso constituency are living testimonies of the numerous developmental projects Dr China has embarked upon in the constituency and the positive impact such projects have had on our lives. We can talk of the 11 libraries he set up in 11 basic schools in the constituency that are currently benefiting our children. We can talk of the police posts he single-handedly built for the Ghana Police Service at Apire and Kwadaso Nsuom that have made it possible for the police to effectively police our neighborhoods bringing us the needed relief. In the area of healthcare, we can talk of the free healthcare screening Dr China organized in all the communities in the Kwadaso constituency and the benefits we have all derived. The numerous scholarship opportunities, vocational training opportunities, etc are a few of the positive programs and projects he has embarked upon in his private capacity as a son of the Kwadaso constituency.

In his earlier rounds, Dr Nyarko rode on the back of the very high approval ratings of Dr China to convince some of us that he has the backing of Dr China.
In deed, it has now been established that Dr Nyarko actually tried to secure Dr China’s endorsement of his candidature on three separate occasions but failed to convince Dr China. Having failed to secure Dr China’s support, Dr Nyarko and his team decided to tarnish his had earned reputation by plotting evil against him.

We wish to use this opportunity to remind Dr Nyarko that he is a neophyte when compared to Dr China politically. Dr China is the man who helped the party to set up external branches of the party in the Asia-Pacific region and went on to successfully chair the China branch for two consecutive terms. A man who went on to chair the Asia- Pacific Caucus of the party, became the Director of Finance and Administration of the Party Headquarters in Accra and is currently the Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Ghana to China. We believe he has very good reasons for declining to declare his support for Dr Nyarko. In fact, we see a lot of wisdom in his decision to remain neutral in this contest.

Dr Nyarko’s actions and that of his team members on the 14th of June at the Edwinasi Rehabilitation Center have confirmed our long held notion that Dr Kingsley Nyarko is a very violent and vindictive politician who’s only interest is to divide the front of the party in the Kwadaso constituency for his parochial and selfish interests. It is a known fact in the constituency, with records at the Sofoline District Police headquarters that Dr Kingsley Nyarko, hired thugs to beat up Mr Vincent Manu, a leading aspirant in the race as a means to intimidate him. We thought the disgrace and embarrassment that this violent act brought upon Dr Nyarko and his team would cause them to desist from the violent machiavellian shenanigans. Apparently, we were wrong. This time around, they are bringing their diabolical tactics on the reputation of a beloved son of the constituency- Dr Charles Dwamena aka China. This is a man, whose support Dr Nyarko so desperately sought. Why the attacks on him now?

For the records, we wish to reiterate the fact that Dr China was at the meeting to meet and donate PPEs to polling station executive members and not to campaign. It was therefore needless for Dr Nyarko to incite his ill-informed matcho-men to heckle Dr Dwamena and create confusion and worse-off run to the media the following day to misrepresent the facts of what happened. This is disingenuous on Dr Nyarko’s part. We also wish to put on record that, Dr China joined the other aspirants – Dr SK Nuamah and Mr Vincent Manu in their respective meetings with the polling station executive members and donated the PPEs to them. At none of these other meetings did he experience such display of violence from the aspirants or their supporters.
We are therefore of the opinion that, violence and hooliganism are part of Dr Nyarko’s campaign strategies and we wish to advise him to desist from that. Kwadaso is a peaceful constituency that does not entertain violence.

Most importantly, we wish to admonish Dr Nyarko and his team to stay off Dr China, who is a beloved son of the constituency. Instead of plotting evil against him, Dr Nyarko should be taking political cues from Dr China so as to mature and climb up in his political career.

Long Live Dr China
Long Live Friends of Dr China
Long Live Kwadaso Constituency
Long Live NPP
Long Live Ghana


Augustine Fordjour

Aron Owusu Bempah

Nathaniel Oduro Darko.


1. Augustine Fordjour

2. Aron Owusu Bempah

3. Nathaniel Oduro Darko.

4. Elliot Marfo

5. Lawrence Agyarko

6. Suzzy Munkoe

7. Angelina Aikins

8. Yaw Gyawu

9. Goodman Osei Boakye

20. Kofi Batsa

11. Samuel Amofa

12. Augustine Kofi Asiedu

13. Lukeman Hussein

14. Salamatu

15. Clement Agyapong

16. Saliu Mohammed

17. Nana Duah

18. Boakye Duah

19. Thomas Gyedu Ayisi

20. Eunice Acheampong


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