Sir Gabo writes a long letter from Sakora Wonoo to engage you in the all-important discourse concerning the disturbing White House Politics.


Sir Gabo writes a long letter from Sakora Wonoo to engage you in the all-important discourse concerning the disturbing White House Politics.

Donald Trump Plays his Own Music to American Democracy

Dear Valued Reader,

Is Donald Trump playing his own music as he reels in pains for losing the just ended American General Elections?

In Shakespeare’s much-vaunted play, Hamlet, Polonious sends his servant, Reynaldo to allow his son a leeway to do his own thing. This is captured in the words: ” Let him play his music. Polonius’s intention was was to find out if his son would engage in any mischief. In a similar vein, it looks as if President Trump is playing his own music as the world watches whether he can conjure magic to change the will of American voters.

According to The Economist (October 24th-30th 2020) issue,
soon after Donald Trump became the President of the United States of America in 2016, he promised to put an end to “the era of economic surrender.” in trade deals that do not favour Americans’ interest. In the words of the President of America: “We will stand up to trade cheating.”

One wonders whether Donald Trump has turned his political orientation of not surrendering American economic interests into a new era of an incumbent President not conceding defeat to his fellow American presidential candidate after smooth general elections – which clearly show his political opponent has won both the popular and electoral college votes.

Given Joe Biden’s overwhelming majority thumping leads in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona without any clear evidence of systemic fraud or widespread wrongdoing across different states, it certainly makes Donald Trump’s chances of winning his cases in courts seemed insurmountable.

After the sitting President of America has observed an unprecedented racial abuse of the minority population under police brutalities in recent times; some of which led to the gruesome murder of George Floyd and many others that culminated into the famous Black Lives Matter demonstrations in almost all the big cities in America in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic that has killed more than 244, 000 Americans and infected more than 10million of them and still counting; one would have thought the results of American General Elections would bring new promise, new hope and new future to the Americans.

This hasn’t been the case because President Trump has refused to concede defeat. His extraordinary dithering to concede defeat has marred the sanctity and integrity of Americans’ glorious democracy which is driven by the rule of law.

For how long can the political will of American voters be mired in complex legal suits? For how long can the freedom of Americans to choose their preferred president lie waiting in the courtrooms?

Who is enabling whom? Is it President Trump who is persuading his Republican party loyalists not to throw in their political towels or vice versa?

The stakes are too high.The more Trump’s Administration delays to concede defeat and start the process of smooth transition of power to the President-elect Joe Biden’s incoming administration, the more it endangers the lives and security of the ordinary American citizens.

The mental health and resilience of anybody who has paid little attention to the American politics since the senseless and outrageous murder of George Floyd in May, has been stretched to its elastic limit.

After the unpleasant summer of discontent and its tensions, themes and images that painted the face of America in a negative way – in the midst of the ravaging effects of Covid-19 that has brought poignant memories to many Americans and beyond – the last thing anybody especially American voters would want to witness is another winter of discontent that is emanating from The White House.

Will the legal and constitutional exactitude that governs American General Elections allow commonsense to prevail as the American people wait for the finality of their elections?

For how long can American voters cork their anxiety within themselves given the unfolding political muddle that baffles everyone especially the President-elect Joe Biden.

Let’s keep praying for our brothers and sisters in America as they continue to hunt for their freedoms.

I remain,

Yours truly
Kofi Asante
The Editor-in-Chief
The Sakora Wonoo Economist.

Kofi Asante is the author of the easy to read and fascinating novel entitled: Hunting for Freedom: The Magic of Sakora Wonoo. Your can get your copy from Amazon, Waterstones or Walmart.


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