Shatta Wale and Kwame Eugene COVID-19 Virtual Concert is a Misplaced Priority


Shatta Wale and Kwame Eugene COVID-19 Virtual Concert is a Misplaced Priority
By Henry AsamoahFoster
(C.T.I-Middle Belt)

The advertisement of the Shatta and Kwame Eugene COVID-19 virtual concert being organized by Ministry of Communication has been noticed to be streaming across all media platforms.

This concert which is going be held on Monday, 13th April, 2020 in a room of zero audience but anticipated to be watched, listened and observed by millions of Ghanaians and other individuals across the world via platforms such as JoyNews, JoyPrime, the Ministry’s social media handles and other affiliate stations is supposed to be used by the Ministry of Communication to launch Ghana’s Covid-19 Tracker App.

The concert just like another meaning of its is a misplaced priority which would only bring on more havoc to Ghanaians than its assumed intended good, and below are the reasons;

A. Increase Spread of the Virus
The curiosity and excitement which has been created from the publication of the event will bring about crowding of individuals to watch the events via the various sources, reduce social distancing, increase contacting and through increase a spread of the disease.

B. Economic
It would bring about a needless economic load on the already burdened economy of the country as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown. The load it would bring is as a result of the huge amount of cash which is going to be used to pay for publications, artists’ performance and the live streaming on the numerous platforms.

C. Misplaced Priority
As it stands now, lots are suffering with most finding difficulty to even find a daily meal and drink. It as a result becomes a misplaced priority because such huge sums of money going to wasted on such an event could have been channeled to the needy in society to help alleviate their plights under these times of desperate needs for survival.

D. The App Needs not Musicians for Launch
Despite the would be usefulness of the App, it could still have been launched and given all the needed publicity without a waste of money on a concert

The country’s economy just like that of most across the world are gradually bending its knees, also, the country currently has many urgent begging needs so an urgent need to avoid waste of her limited resources.

Finally, it would certainly be out of place to end this article without acknowledging the splendid performance and leadership skills by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in these challenging times, Mr. President, be firm, encouraged and continue to be resolute.



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