Secret Ashawo Joint In Accra Where Men Get Tonga to chop As Low As 15 Ghana Cedis

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January 6, 2019

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Accra is a metropolitan city with several manufacturing and  processing companies. It is also home to notable academic institutions like University of Ghana, UPSA, Accra Technical University…e.t.c and a lot of sights. But when we are really honest, you don’t give a shit about that. You want to meet and fuck Ashawos turn slay Queens?

Over the years, the rate of prostitution in Accra has tremendously increased. It is estimated that there are over 1000 twilight girls who ply their trade in Accra. A majority are believed to be students at local institutions located within the city. Prostitution has become a 24 hr economy in this industrial town. Some brothels operate on a 24 hr basis. However, a majority of the daytime prostitutes are usually middle-aged women. When night falls, a different breed of young and skimpily dressed ‘nurses’ take over the streets.
Below are some of the popular Ashawo joint at Accra where you can get cheap pussy to chop.

Obra Spot and around Busy Internet:
The sex workers are said to have fled their former joint after the June 3 devastation flood and fire swept through their location, killing about 150 people including three (3) sex workers and destroyed items worth millions of Ghana cedis.
The new locations are well known places in Accra and are noted to be busy places with lots of businesses and movement of people from all walks of lives.

Sisters can, be found hard at work between the KFC East Legon Branch towards the Muslim Cemetery on the popular Abedi Pele Road.
Some of these sex workers who were spotted by this reporter wore suggestive hot sexy dresses, revealing generous amounts of cleavage, while others were also in hot pants and crop tops, with clutch purse and sling bags.
Others appear casually dressed in jeans, sandals and top, deceptively passing off the image of ordinary revellers and thereby avoiding undue attention from law enforcement agents. Even though the popular Joint Atemuda has been demolished still the sha shees are still around.
The Oxford Street in the Osu district:
Prostitutes at Osu are said to be made up of Nigerians, Ghanaians, Togolese, Liberians, Béninoise and Cameroonians.
They purposely take stands along the busy streets of the Italian Embassy, Osu Oxford Street, Togo Embassy, Dankwa Circle and the Akufo-Addo intersection.
Dressed in miniskirts, tight trousers, shorts and strap straddled as blouses thus revealing their body parts and shapes.

Down South – A busy place in Abeka which is some thirty minutes drive from Accra Central. The ladies here are quite aggressive and not choosy. Let them know you are eager to give them what they need; the money.
Rokstone‘s Office:
This is THE bar in Accra. Everyone knows it, even the female expats and backpacker girls who want to have fun.

But you are not here for the expats and backpackers. You want to meet Accra girls
 and the Rokstone’s Office this is by far the best venue to meet middle class and upper class women in this city. Of course, you’ll also stumble upon the occasional gold digger. It’s up to you if you want to pay for her drink.
Moonlight around Adabraka: near the Overhead They are always ready to give you a good service for some few cedis in exchange and do not like hustling over how much one needs to pay them; just name it.

Here are some of the places you should check out:
Accra Mall
Marina Mall
Mokala Shopping Mall
Junction Mall Nungua
West Hills Mall (located outside of the city center, in the West of Accra)
Madina Zongo juction
St. Johns

Law on prostitution
Prostitution in Ghana is a criminal offence and, therefore, the police often go after these commercial sex workers. Interestingly, it looks like the ‘sisters’ cannot be bothered.

For example, recently, 31 commercial sex workers and two of their male patrons were arrested in a police swoop in Accra.
The operation, which started at 11 p.m., was part of efforts by the Cantonments Police to rid the streets of Accra of prostitutes.
Those arrested were aged 18 to 40.
Apart from criminal implications, sex work has various negative consequences, including the spread of sexually transmitted infections and risks to the health and safety of sex workers.

It is not uncommon for sex workers to be robbed, raped or assaulted by clients.
Research by the Ghana AIDS Commission puts HIV prevalence for female sex workers in Accra at the highest. The risks are also high for clients.
Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is just one, but sex workers sometimes lure clients into the clutches of robbers. Some also pass critical intelligence to partners in the armed robbery business.
Research again shows that many participants in the sex trade have been driven to Accra from rural areas because of poverty.
Despite the risks, the sex work business appears to be flourishing in Accra.


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