Scam Alert: Former President John Dramani Mahama fingered.


Kwain Isaac writes

Scam Alert: Former President John Dramani Mahama fingered.

During the 2016 electioneering campaign, one of the major policies that captured the youth to follow the Nana Addo campaign was the restoration of some allowances given to lecturers of tertiary institutions and students of Nursing and Teacher training colleges in the country. The key among them was the nursing and teacher trainees allowances.

This campaign promise of Nana Addo, received a strong resistance from the then NDC government who took the pain to convince Ghanaians the need to cancel those allowances ie the Nursing trainees allowance , Teacher trainees allowance and book and research allowance etc. The late former vice president categorically stated that restoring those two categories of allowances would jeopardize the economy of Ghana.

Former president Mahama vehemently opposed to the restoration, that, he cancelled it to increase enrollment in the colleges and that over his dead body would he restore especially the nursing and teachers’ training allowances even if it would cost him his 2016 election bid.

Fast forward, not long ago on the speak out tour of JDM last year, president Mahama accused the Nana Addo government of starving Ghanaians of development and rather using the money on consumption such as nursing and teacher training allowances.

Today, we are hearing that, president John Dramani Mahama says he will not cancel nursing and teacher training allowance, has he forgotten in 2012 he tried cancelling it and paid on table top during the election, or,
has he forgotten he again cancelled it after 2012 election and started paying again during the 2016 election.

In deed, my Akan people will say “s3 kwatrikwa se wo b3 ma wo ntoma tie ne din” of course, this man is indecisive and his con nature is getting him confused. This is nothing but a gargantuan scam of the century.

#3y3 adwuma 3ny3 kasa


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