Sanitation minister’s 85% cleanest city claim shocking – Awula Serwah


The founder and co-ordinator of Eco-Conscious Citizens has slammed the Sanitation Minister for claiming that Accra is 85 per cent clean.

According to Awula Serwah, the Minister’s claim is astonishing looking at the filth that has engulfed the capital.

Sanitation Minister, Cecilia Abena Dapaah earlier this week said government’s promise to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa by 2020 is 85% complete.

In an interview with during a cleanup exercise in parts of Nima Tuesday, she stated that government has done its best to make Accra clean.

“When we don’t do these things of throwing rubbish into the drains, the drains will be clearer and neater and our homes will also be clean because the Assembly has been tasked to send round the tricycles to pick up our waste.

“So I am telling you and I know you will quote it that, we are 85% through [with making Accra the cleanest city]. You all saw the 100% we achieved during the lockdown. So the question is, who makes Accra dirty?,” Madam Dapaah said.

Speaking on Starr FM’s Analyses program Saturday morning, Awula Serwah said the minister’s claim could have been a dream and not a reality.

“It was astonishing, because going round Accra I don’t think anybody gets that impression…maybe she was talking prophetically. Maybe she was talking about what could be and not what is there already.”


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